Nuremberg (dpa / lby) - The 100 smuggled dog puppies in the Nuremberg animal shelter are now also employing the judiciary.

The dealer has filed a complaint against the quarantine of the young dogs.

The Ansbach administrative court will decide on the urgent application in a timely manner, said a court spokeswoman on Thursday.

As long as the legal situation has not been clarified, the animal shelter cannot place the puppies.

The police discovered the puppies in mid-March in a van with Hungarian license plates.

According to the papers, these should go on sale in Belgium.

According to the Nuremberg Public Order Office, it was an illegal transport.

The age details of the dogs were therefore all falsified, as they were actually too young to be allowed to enter from abroad.

The puppies came to the shelter in rabies quarantine due to a lack of vaccinations.

One of the 101 puppies has since died, said manager Tanja Schnabel.

The others are doing well according to the circumstances.

"They still suffer from intestinal parasites, some dogs still have to undergo surgery."


The placement of the puppies in the animal shelter, the treatment by the vet and the vaccination cause high costs, according to the public order office, which the breeder from Hungary or the recipients in Belgium would like to invoice.

That is why Robert Pollack, the head of the public order department, hopes for a decision by the Ansbach Administrative Court.

“We are very curious to see how the court sees it.

The legal matter is very complicated. "

According to Pollack, the court must also decide whether the animals should be returned to the owner after the quarantine has ended.

Currently, the authorities can only prove violations of the mandatory rabies vaccination.

The criminal police are also investigating possible violations of animal welfare law.

The investigations were extensive and were still ongoing, said police spokesman Wolfgang Prehl.


The police repeatedly discovered smuggled puppies and kittens in Bavaria.

This year alone, according to the state animal protection association, there have been around 400 animals so far.

The animal rights activists see one reason in the increased demand for pets as a result of the corona pandemic, which also promotes dubious offers.

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