China News Service, Beijing, May 6 (Reporter Xia Bin) China, which has been practicing "open the door to do business" for many years, has cultivated the national exhibition "Tian Tuan" open to the outside world, the Canton Fair, the International Import Expo, and the Service Trade Fair. After the meeting, another new "member" was added-the first China International Consumer Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Consumer Fair") to be held in Haikou, Hainan from May 7th to 10th.

  Compared with previous exhibitions, where is the "new" of the Consumer Fair?

China’s Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan said that the Canton Fair mainly focuses on the export of goods, the CIIE mainly focuses on the import of goods and some services, the Service Trade Fair mainly focuses on the expansion of the service industry, and the Consumer Fair is positioned as a global display and exhibition of international consumer products. Trading platform.

  As he said, the "window effect" and "spillover effect" of China's exhibitions are getting stronger and stronger, and the positioning, functions, and highlights of each exhibition are also different and focused.

  On the whole, the Chinese government is working hard to build an exhibition pattern that is compatible with the coordinated development of the region, and accelerate the establishment of an exhibition industry system with reasonable layout, distinctive features, clear levels, and strong international competitiveness.

  Focusing on individuals, the holding of the Consumer Expo is related to promoting the construction of Hainan's free trade port and will add momentum to Hainan's efforts to build an international tourism consumption center.

  Wei Hao, a professor at the School of Economics and Business Administration of Beijing Normal University, pointed out that the central government’s four major strategic positioning for Hainan is "three districts and one center", namely, comprehensively deepening reform and opening up pilot zone, national ecological civilization pilot zone, national major strategic service guarantee zone, International tourism consumption center.

Among them, the term "International Tourism Consumption Center" emphasizes "consumption" more than the previous term "International Tourism Island".

  He further stated that in this context, the Consumer Expo has been vigorously promoting the opening up of tourism consumption and actively cultivating new hotspots for tourism consumption. Hainan has emerged at the historic moment. Consumption is its latest and brightest "business card".

  "Of course, consumption is different from production. The Service Trade Fair, China International Import Expo, and Canton Fair can allow enterprises to complete the docking and produce long-term effects in just a few days. However, the construction of an international tourism consumption center is a long-term task. It’s in the “peak season” of consumption.” Wei Hao reminded that the Consumer Fair has a limited duration. In addition to actively using the opportunities provided by the Consumer Fair, it is necessary to fully tap the indirect effects of the Consumer Fair to enable various brands to be able to post the closing of the Consumer Fair. Landing in Hainan puts forward higher requirements for Hainan's "hard power" to attract consumption.

  It is precisely because of the important "gene" of consumption that the Consumer Expo has its own consumption, the dividends it releases are also easier for the public to perceive.

  Zhao Ping, deputy dean of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Research Institute, said that the holding of a consumer expo provides consumers with a new channel for more convenient and cheaper purchase of high-quality overseas products, and can also bring three major opportunities for the import of high-quality consumer goods.

  One is the opportunity to introduce high-quality new products.

Through the "World Premiere, China First Exhibition, Industry Premiere", the world's "high, new, high-quality and special" consumer products will provide opportunities for display transactions in the Chinese market.

  Second, low tax rates bring opportunities to purchase imported goods at low prices.

Take advantage of the Hainan Free Trade Port's zero-tariff and low-tax rate policies to ensure that the cost of the imported goods system is minimized.

  The third is the opportunity to showcase and trade high-quality consumer products year round.

In addition to the Consumer Fair, a global consumer boutique center project will be built in Haikou in the future to display and trade Chinese and international consumer boutiques throughout the year.

  Wang Bingnan believes that the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan" will be crucial to the next five years.

A good start and a good start are China's main tasks this year.

Holding the Consumer Fair at this important node is of special significance. It is mainly embodied in the "three news". The first is to build a new carrier for a new development pattern, the second is a new platform to meet the needs of the people for a better life, and the third is to implement a high-level opening to the outside world. New window.

  "We welcome all countries to take the'free ride' of China's development, share China's big market, promote common global prosperity, and provide new growth drivers for the recovery of the world economy." Wang Bingnan said.