According to TASS, 23 helicopters and 53 aircraft of the Aerospace Forces took part in the aviation training, a total of 76 units of aviation equipment.

The air part of the parade will be opened by three Mi-26 heavy transport helicopters, followed by the crews of the Mi-8 transport and combat helicopters, the Mi-35, Ka-52 attack helicopters and the Berkuta aerobatic team on the Mi-28N attack helicopters.

The parade will demonstrate the flight of the strategic missile carrier Tu-160 of long-range aviation, accompanied by a flight of Su-35S aircraft.

The parade structure of aviation involves strategic missile carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS, Il-78 tanker aircraft, Il-76 military transport aircraft, Su-35S fighters, Su-34, Su-24M bombers and other types of aviation equipment. ...

The training ended with the flight of the crews of the MiG-31K and Su-57 aircraft and three groups of aircraft - the "tactical wing" of the Lipetsk Aviation Center, the "Cuban Diamond" as part of the aerobatic teams "Russian Knights" on the Su-30SM and "Swifts" on the MiG-29 and six attack aircraft Su-25, which at the parade will paint the sky in the colors of the Russian flag.

Earlier it was reported that the aerospace forces (VKS) of Russia on Wednesday, May 5, will perform a rehearsal of the flight of the parade formation of aviation over Red Square.