More than 200 human rights groups in Europe, the United States and Asia have banned arms from the UN Security Council, saying that all countries need to stop exporting weapons to Myanmar to prevent the suppression of civilians by the Myanmar military. Has issued a statement calling for a resolution.

This was announced on the 5th by 205 human rights groups in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa.

The statement calls on the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on arms embargo, saying it requires an arms embargo to prevent civilian crackdowns by the Myanmar military.

At the same time, representatives of international human rights groups "Amnesty International" and "Human Rights Watch" held a press conference online, and the representative of "Human Rights Watch" said, "This situation. No government should sell a single bullet to the Myanmar Army below. Arms bans are the minimum steps the UN Security Council should take, "he emphasized the need for arms bans.

An Amnesty International representative also said, "I don't want Russia and China, which are the main arms suppliers and permanent members of the Security Council, to exercise veto power. In addition, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia and Israel are also arms exporters. ", And encouraged the actions of each country.

Human rights groups said at a meeting that they had requested the Security Council countries to start talks on arms embargo, but China and Russia are reluctant to take sanctions, including arms embargo, and will the Security Council respond to this statement? Is opaque.