Rostock (dpa / mv) - After almost a year, otters are back in the Rostock Zoo.

After the last of the once three specimens died in April last year at the age of almost 15, the enclosure was completely renovated, said zoo director Udo Nagel on Wednesday.

The new accommodation offers a good insight into the natural way of life of the skillful fish robbers.

All water basins have been redesigned and a small waterfall has been integrated.

Around 280,000 euros have been invested.

The two animals that came to Rostock from the Swedish zoo in Lycksele are the four-year-old male Ivan and his almost one-year-old son Milas, said zookurator Antje Angeli. “It is planned that Mila's brother Miwan will soon join the two of them. In the run-up to the transport he had hidden himself so well on his home system that a second attempt is now necessary, »reported Angeli.

The Eurasian otter occurs in almost all of Europe and is one of the most threatened mammal species in Central Europe, it said.

The German Wildlife Foundation declared the otter animal of the year 2021.

«Hardly any other mammal combines the elements of land and water as perfectly as he does.

Where otters feel at home, nature is still intact. "

But built-up and canalised waters, drained wetlands and the destruction of the edge zones minimized its chances of survival.


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