The Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, IVO, has investigated a complaint from a relative of an elderly man who died in the suites after covid-19 at the central hospital in November.

The man was admitted to the ward that was noticed after, in the middle of rising infection, a staff party was held where several of the staff are believed to have infected each other with covid-19.

Shortly afterwards, there was an outbreak among both patients and staff in the ward.

But Region Kronoberg avoids criticism from IVO.

IVO writes in its decision that it was not possible to determine exactly how the patient became infected, only that he fell ill with covid-19 during his stay in care.

It has not been possible to establish that there were shortcomings in the care that caused the patient to be infected in the ward, IVO believes.

No obligation to investigate the significance of the party

In its own investigation, the Kronoberg region has pointed out the aforementioned Halloween party as one of several possible reasons for the outbreak in the department.

But IVO has not investigated whether the party led to the patient being infected and dying.

"IVO only has an obligation to investigate incidents that have occurred in health care," IVO writes in its decision.

They are therefore closing the case and will not take any further action.