The Ministry of the Environment is currently updating the medium-term climate plan, in which the so-called non-emissions trading

the burden-sharing sector will be tuned to carbon neutrality by 2035.

In addition to many other areas, the plan also includes emissions from traffic and various work machines, which have been the subject of much discussion.

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According to the ministry, the topic was last discussed at a high level this week, when the round table on climate policy, led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd), has gone through, among other things, the electrification of transport.

“In the discussion, the various dimensions of the fairness of climate action, the cost-effectiveness of the action and the alignment of Finnish policy with EU-level policy were highlighted.

In June, the EU Commission is expected to adopt a major legislative package to implement the EU's goal of reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030, ”the ministry said.

Fair climate policy has been discussed at a round table not only from the perspective of different sectors such as transport, but also from different generations.

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"In general, the debate noted that intergenerational justice has received too little attention in the climate policy debate, with a focus on the fairness of individual actions."

According to the Ministry, the members of the Climate Policy Roundtable have also considered it important that climate measures are also linked to other goals of the state administration.

Composition of the Climate Policy Round Table:


Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd)

Vice-chairmen (4):

Minister for the Environment and Climate Krista Mikkonen (Green)

Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (center)

Member of the Youth Agenda 2030 group: Sara Nyman, Finnish Youth Sector Association Allianssi ry

CEO Jouni Keronen, Climate Leadership Coalition ry


Iin Mayor Ari Alatossava, Hinku Municipalities

Chairman Jarkko Eloranta, Finnish Confederation of Trade Unions SAK ry

Chairman Sture Fjäder, Akava ry

Chair Laura Hildén, Youth Agenda 2030 Group

President and CEO Jyri Häkämies, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

Managing Director Timo Jaatinen, Finnish Forest Industries Association

Chairman of the Board Tuomas Aslak Juuso, Sámi Parliament

Managing Director Mari Kiviniemi, Trade Union Association

Climate work expert Emilia Runeberg, Finnish Development NGOs Fingo ry

Managing Director Jukka Leskelä, Energy Industry Association

Executive Director Päivi Lundvall, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

Chairman Juha Marttila, Federation of Agricultural and Forestry Producers MTK ry

Development Manager Salka Orivuori, Marttaliitto ry

Chairman Antti Palola, STTK ry

Executive Vice President Timo Reina, Association of Finnish Municipalities

Managing Director Mika Nykänen, Helsinki Region Transport HSL

Secretary General Liisa Rohweder, WWF Finland

Economist Sampo Seppänen, Finnish Entrepreneurs Association

Director Helena Soimakallio, Technology Industry Association

Tiina Vyyryläinen, Advocacy and Counseling Team Leader, Kuluttajaliitto-Konsumentförbundet ry


Research Professor Hannele Korhonen, Finnish Climate Panel

Professor Eeva Furman, Sustainability Panel

Mari Pantsar, Sitra, leader of the carbon neutral circular economy theme