Since the start of the corona crisis, more than 2,000 refugees have been killed as a result of illegal returns from European member states,

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Underage refugees would also have become victims of the so-called pushbacks.

EU member states have sent away at least 40,000 refugees since the start of the pandemic, the newspaper reports.

The expulsion of refugees is prohibited according to international agreements: they must be transferred to reception centers.

However, data from the United Nations and NGOs shows that European countries are abandoning refugees on a large scale.

Recent studies show an increase in the number of deaths among migrants.

According to researchers, the deaths at sea since the start of the pandemic have been directly or indirectly linked to the EU's approach, which aims to close its doors to Europe and outsource migration control to countries like Libya,

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In recent months, for example, there have been increasingly persistent reports that the Greek government is illegally sending refugees back to Turkey.

The Greeks deny these kinds of pushbacks happen, but last week's events on Lesvos are well documented.

Refugees would also be returned in a harsh manner in Croatia,

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The country has returned at least 18,000 refugees to Bosnia since the pandemic.

The authorities are said to be working hard: there have been several reports of robberies, abuse and other violence.

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