The Iraqi Minister of Health resigned on Tuesday, ten days after a fire that killed more than 80 people in a hospital dedicated to Covid-19.

The official investigation report points to lower ranking officials.

Hassan al-Tamimi, who came to government thanks to the support of the turbulent Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr, is leaving of his own accord, according to a government statement.

The Council of Ministers had just revoked the minister's suspension ordered the day after the fire.

On the other hand, the director of the Ibn al-Khatib hospital, his administrative assistant and the head of civil defense of the establishment, as well as the head of Health of the eastern sector of Baghdad "are dismissed and will suffer several disciplinary measures" , add text.

A resignation strongly requested

On April 25, as Iraq woke up from a night of horror, during which neighbors and onlookers brought out for hours the charred bodies of patients who had perished, suffocated in flames or deprived of oxygen because their respirators had been torn off, the keyword "Resignation of the Minister" was at the top of the social networks.

Prime Minister Moustafa al-Kazimi, an independent without a partisan base who regularly reaches out to the Sadrist current, the first bloc in Parliament, initially opted for a “suspension” of it.

On Tuesday, his government decided to lift any suspension against the minister, as well as the governor of Baghdad.

Two highly political positions in a country where parties and patronage rule.


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