Recently, the US stockpiling of 60 million Alicecam vaccines was exposed and was strongly condemned by the international community.

Some experts believe that the hoarding of vaccines in the United States may harm others and may ultimately lead to a worsening of the domestic epidemic in the United States.

  The US government has long been inconsistent on the vaccine issue.

Although the US government has promised to provide vaccines to the world, its actual actions are still practicing the "America First" principle, and even said that only when all Americans are vaccinated will it begin to help other countries.

  The United States is currently in sufficient supply of vaccines. According to CNN, by this summer, the United States may have 300 million doses of excess vaccine, or more.

The United States’ practice of hoarding vaccines has been widely criticized. Under pressure from public opinion, White House Press Secretary Psaki only recently stated that the United States will "share" 60 million doses of AstraZeneca with other countries in the next few weeks.

  Some experts pointed out that the US's hoarding of vaccines seems to be protecting its own interests, but it may actually worsen its domestic epidemic.

  Krishna Udayakumar, Director of the Global Innovation Department of Duke University School of Medicine: This (hoarding of vaccines) makes the epidemic last longer, increases the number of infections, and causes more mutant strains to appear. The end result is , More people who could have avoided death will die as a result.