There is another suspected right-wing extremism case at the Hamburg fire brigade.

The Department of Internal Investigations (DIE) is investigating an employee of the Hamburg professional fire brigade on suspicion of incitement to hatred and the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, the fire brigade announced on Wednesday in Hamburg.

The investigation was preceded by an anonymous complaint with a reference to pictures in a messenger chat, which the Hamburg police had received from the Central Information Office on the right (ZHA-R).

After a search, the DIE investigations continued.

At the beginning of April, two suspected cases of right-wing extremism became known in the Hamburg fire brigade.

In one case, a fire brigade official supported right-wing extremists on social media and spread racist content there several times.

He was immediately prohibited from conducting official business and disciplinary investigations had been initiated.

According to media reports, the suspended firefighter is said to have been active in the WhatsApp group "Asgards Wolves", whose members spread right-wing extremist theses.


In a second case, five fire service members are said to have exchanged unconstitutional symbols.

Investigations have also been initiated against them.

Specifically, the officers from the operations center are said to have put a swastika flag on a Turkish colleague's computer in an unobserved moment.

According to the fire brigade, the suspected right-wing extremists were exposed through information from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and through the reporting office for right-wing extremist activities that was set up at the State Criminal Police Office last November.

“Right-wing extremism has no place in the Hamburg fire brigade. We will not accept or tolerate any form of discrimination, ”said fire brigade chief Christian Schwarz. "We are all called upon not only not to look the other way, but to take active action, should there be any breaches of boundaries by individuals towards other members of the Hamburg fire brigade or even third parties." This applies to personal attacks and also to attacks in social media or messenger groups. The Hamburg fire brigade is the second largest in Germany with around 2900 employees.