France: start of the trial of Assa Traoré, pursued by the gendarmes who arrested her brother

In a column published 3 years after the death of his brother Adama in 2016, Assa Traoré cited the names of the gendarmes who had arrested him.

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Assa Traoré, French figure in the anti-racist fight, appears this Thursday, May 6 before the Paris court for defamation.

In a column published 3 years after the death of her brother Adama in 2016, she cited the names of the gendarmes who had arrested her.


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 I accuse the gendarmes of having killed my brother by crushing him with the weight of their bodies


In July 2019,

Assa Traoré,

and his collective Vérité pour Adama, published on social networks a column in the style of Émile Zola.

She accuses, citing their names and surnames, the three gendarmes who arrested her brother, Adama Traoré, as well as all the actors in charge of the investigation into the origin of his death which occurred 3 years earlier.

In July 2016, Adama Traoré, 24, was arrested by gendarmes.

He died a few hours later in the premises of the Persan gendarmerie in the Paris region.

Highly publicized, this case then becomes the symbol of police blunders in France.

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This Thursday, Assa Traoré will be confronted with the three gendarmes whom she accuses of being at the origin of the death of her brother.

Gendarmes who prosecuted her for defamation.

The hearing will take place over two days at the Paris court.

Assa Traoré incurs a fine of 45,000 euros.


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