The stock of a furnishing sign reduced to ashes and two minor injuries.

The balance sheet could have been much more serious, given the force of the flames and the column of smoke, visible from far away, that it generated.

This Wednesday, at the stroke of 10 a.m., a very violent fire ravaged the 5,000 m2 of the storage shed of a But store, in Villeneuve-Loubet, near Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes).

"Two slightly injured people were evacuated" and transported to the Fontonne hospital, in Antibes, and "all the staff of the establishment will be laid off," said the departmental fire and fire service. relief.

Residents of a nearby home for people with disabilities also had to be brought to safety.

A total of 70 firefighters, ten fire hoses and the large scale were needed to overcome the disaster, after nearly three hours.

According to a video published by 


, at least one violent explosion also sounded during the fire.

Flammable materials were stored in the hangar.

An investigation has been opened.


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