Have you been infected with the emerging corona virus "Covid-19" and suffer from a decreased sense of smell?

Here we offer you a way to restore sensitivity without drugs or drugs.

The scientific name for the decline of the sense of smell is "Hyposmia", and its prevalence among Corona patients may reach 25%.

According to a study published in the journal "PLOS Medicine", the loss of the sense of smell for four odors may indicate infection with the Corona virus, which are garlic, onions, coffee and perfumes.

Loss of smell is a prominent symptom of Covid-19, and it may cause a prolonged loss of smell in the ability to smell.

What is the treatment?

A research team recommended "olfactory training" to treat the loss of smell due to Covid-19.

The study was conducted by researchers, including Professor Karl Philpott of the Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia in England, and published in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, and was reported by several news websites.

And "smell training" involves inhaling 4 things that smell easily recognizable and familiar, for example orange, mint, garlic and coffee, twice daily for several months.

In contrast, the researchers recommended not to use corticosteroids - a class of drugs that reduce inflammation in the body - to treat anorexia due to Covid-19.

"Corticosteroids are a class of drugs that reduce inflammation in the body. Doctors often prescribe them to help treat conditions such as asthma, and they have been considered a treatment option for the loss of smell caused by corona..but they have effects," Professor Philpott said in statements to the eurekalert website. Known potential side effects including fluid retention, high blood pressure, and mood and behavior problems. "

The team conducted an evidence-based systematic review to see if corticosteroids could help people restore their sense of smell.

"What we found is that there is very little evidence that corticosteroids will aid in odor loss. And because they are well known for their potentially harmful side effects, our advice is that they should not be prescribed a post-virus treatment," Professor Philpott said.

Fortunately, most people with a loss of smell as a result of COVID-19 will automatically recover their sense of smell.

Research shows that 90% of people have completely recovered from their sense of smell after 6 months.

Philpott added that olfactory training can be beneficial, and it has emerged as a cheap, simple, and side-effect treatment option for cases of various causes of loss of smell, including Covid-19.

It aims to aid recovery based on neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to realign itself to compensate for change or injury, he explained.

Taming the sense of smell

One of the medical explanations for the loss of the sense of smell is that this occurs as a result of damage to the olfactory epithelium or olfactory epithelium due to viral infection.

The more superficial the damage, the shorter the duration of loss of smell and taste, and vice versa.

And at the end of last March, Deutsche Welle reported that doctors at the Dresden Medical University in the Department of Smell and Taste are working on finding ways to help the patient restore his senses.

And they have come up with a taming process that activates the olfactory epithelium.

Dr. Thomas Hommel, Head of the Department of Otolaryngology at the German University, explained the mechanisms of this process, saying, “Every morning and evening for 30 seconds, patients must smell 4 different substances. These training sessions must be continued regularly on a regular basis. At least 4 months. Sometimes it may last up to 9 months. "

What do these materials consist of?

On the nature of these materials, Dr. Hummel replies that it is up to the person himself who can choose them as they wish.

But it must emit different perfumes or flavors that make the body feel whether it tingles, stinging or chills, considering essential oils such as rose oil or perfumes made with citrus peel, along with herbs such as cinnamon and thyme, among the best substances that respond to these properties, which give the body the feeling With tingling required.

As for peppermint and various types of vinegar, they can help the body feel chills and stinging.

A doctor must be consulted

However, the German doctor warned that this method is only suitable for people who suffer for a long time from loss of sense of smell and taste.

At the same time, Dr. Hommel from the University of Dresden stresses that this method of treatment must be preceded by a visit to a specialist doctor, whether an ear, nose and throat doctor, or a neurologist.

It is mentioned that the causes of the loss of these two senses are many and complex, and therefore an integrated diagnosis of the situation is necessary.