China News Service, May 5th. According to Korean media reports, the South Korean private organization "Japanese Army Comfort Women Issues Appeal to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Promotion Committee" stated on the 5th that the comfort woman victim Lee Yong-soo decided to challenge the Seoul Central District Court for Japan's violation of international law. The criminal act provides "exemption" to the verdict to appeal, and hopes to win the second instance.

  On April 21, the 15th Civil Collegiate Chamber of the Central District Court of South Korea rejected a claim against Japan initiated by 20 victims of comfort women such as Lee Yong-soo and the deceased victims of comfort women such as Kim Bok Tong and their family members on the grounds that Japan enjoys immunity from national sovereignty. .

Data map: On October 8, 2014 local time, some South Korean Japanese military comfort women victims and human rights support groups took a sit-in in front of the Japanese Embassy in South Korea to protest, asking the Japanese government to reflect on history and to force the Japanese military to recruit comfort women during World War II Make a formal apology for the behavior.

Photo by Jia Tianyong issued by China News Agency

  According to the report, Lee Rongzhu has repeatedly suggested that the victim's requirements for Japan, such as acknowledging the existence of the comfort women system, sincere apology, and receiving history education, should be submitted to the United Nations International Court of Justice for a ruling.

  The comfort women’s aid group "Justice Memory United" stated on May 5 that Lee Rong-soo’s claim against Japan was aimed at claiming compensation from the Japanese side based on the legal responsibilities that the Japanese side should bear. However, the court of first instance deliberately avoided the judicial decision and violated the judge’s The principle of independence belongs to extreme judicial negativity, betraying substantive justice.

  According to previous reports, the late Pei Chunji and other 12 comfort women victims and their family members were found in favor of a claim against Japan filed in January 2021.