This is stated in a message on the government website.

In particular, Mishustin instructed the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance by June 10 to submit to the Cabinet of Ministers approaches to creating an integral system of measures to support low-income families with children.

Mishustin also instructed the Russian Ministry of Health and the heads of the regions to report on the expansion of the prophylactic medical examination and preventive medical examinations by July 13.

In addition, the head of government instructed until July 1 to report on the elaboration of the issue of full payment of sick leave to parents of children under 7 years old, regardless of length of service.

The Ministry of Finance was also instructed to submit a set of measures for the financial sustainability of regional budgets by May 21.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Putin had prepared a list of instructions for the implementation of the message to the Federal Assembly.

The list includes 18 items, the implementation of which is entrusted to the government and other authorities.