Hanover (dpa / lni) - Hunters and farmers in Lower Saxony are working together for better protection of young animals when mowing pastures and fields.

The spring mowing coincides with the breeding and setting time of many wild animals, announced the state hunters 'association, the Chamber of Agriculture and the state farmers' association in Hanover.

When danger threatened, the young crouched;

that helps against predators, but not against harvesting machines.

In order to avoid the death of the fawns, brown hares or young birds, the associations give several recommendations. Areas should be mowed from the inside out, if possible, in order to enable an escape through tall grass. Where a street is adjacent, mowing should be carried out from there so as not to drive the fleeing animals into traffic. Because many wild animals instinctively crouch in front of bright headlights, they should not be mowed in the dark if possible. Limiting the cut to a height of 15 to 20 centimeters makes it easier for ground breeders to survive.

The hunters asked the farmers to search the fields and meadows before mowing or to notify the hunting tenants 24 hours in advance.

Technical aids could also be used to scare animals off, for example crackling bags, flutter tapes or whistling tones.

The laborious search of the meadows with drones or thermal imaging cameras is not always possible.

Therefore, simpler methods should be used, such as searching with a hunting dog.


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