Sverker Martin-Löf was hailed as the emperor of Swedish industry.

Towards the end of his career, he was chairman of both SSAB and SCA, vice chairman of Ericsson and Handelsbanken and sat on the board of Skanska.


Death threats and espionage during the change of power in the Handelsbanken sphere

As chairman of Handelsbanken's power company Industrivärden, he was in the top position in the Swedish business community. 

But just before retirement, everything changed:

• The

trip to Spain.

In the autumn of 2014, Industrivärden's top tier travels with the forest company SCA's private jet to Spain to hunt and plan the future of the sphere.

Included in the trip are the CEOs of Handelsbanken, Industrivärden and SCA. 

Sverker Martin-Löf has explicitly forbidden the financier and minority owner Fredrik Lundberg to accompany him on the journey where the change of throne in the sphere will be established.

At the top of the wish list to take over as Handelsbanken's Chairman of the Board is the bank's CEO Pär Boman.

• The

scandal headlines.

Shortly afterwards, the so-called SCA scandal breaks out.

Svenska Dagbladet reveals how SCA's chairman Sverker Martin-Löf used the sphere's private flights for exclusive hunting trips and received a number of other benefits.

He is singled out as the alpha male in a men's club and the Handelsbanken sphere is thrown into a crisis.

• The

change of power.

In the spring of 2015, Sverker Martin-Löf will leave all of his board assignments, as a result of media reporting.

Handelsbanken's then CEO Pär Boman will take over as chairman of both the bank and SCA - just as Sverker Martin-Löf wanted.

• The


In April 2015, SCA's external investigators presented their review and directed harsh criticism at the company - but said at the same time that no formal errors had been committed.

All travel by air has been linked to work, even if it has sometimes included entertainment, according to the reviewers. 

• The


Pär Boman surprises many when he goes his own way and wants to do away with the old culture in the Handelsbanken sphere.

Several directors are fired, SCA's business flights are sold and auditors are replaced.

He launches the financier and minority owner Fredrik Lundberg as the new chairman of Industrivärden - the same man who was banned from traveling to Spain by Sverker Martin-Löf.

• The

threat picture.

Assignment review can now reveal how Pär Boman and Fredrik Lundberg at a meeting in 2015 were monitored by a private security company, hired by SCA.

For a while, Pär Boman was forced to live with bodyguards due to the threat against him.

Sverker Martin-Löf says that he has not given an order to hire a security company with the task of conducting reconnaissance and SCA's current communications manager says that he has no knowledge of it. 

Sverker Martin-Löf states for Uppdrag review that his departure was already planned and that it was therefore not a degrading sort.

He was 71 years old and had already worked overtime for the benefit of the Handelsbanken sphere.

He also says that he used the business jet to handle all board assignments and have time to read papers.

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