WebKit, the browser engine for Apple's iOS devices, revealed two vulnerabilities that should be patched without delay.

Ars Technica, among others, reported on the matter.

According to an Apple Monday release, both vulnerabilities could lead to malicious code running on your device through dangerous web content.

Apple says it is aware of reports that the problems may have been actively exploited.

The company did not provide further details.

This is the fourth time this year that Apple has patched WebKit vulnerabilities until it receives information about possible attacks.

Apple patched similar vulnerabilities last week, in March and January, after vulnerabilities were suspected to have already been used in the attacks.

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To make sure your device is up-to-date, go to General in Settings and tap Software update.

The fixed iOS version is 14.5.1.

If you don't already have this on iPhone, click the refresh button.

The vulnerabilities were also fixed in the macOS operating system of the computers.

On a Mac, choose System Preferences from the apple menu and press Software Update.

In iOS, the update also fixes an issue that prevented some users from seeing a forced tracking notification from Apple. Facebook is in the snake of this announcement because it reduces its ability to track user movements online and app usage.