Algeria: a new march of students prevented, many arrests

Algerians march during a previous demonstration against power in the capital.

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In Algiers, the weekly student march was again prevented on Tuesday for the second week in a row.

These peaceful marches against power resumed at the end of February after a year of suspension due to the health crisis.

Tuesday, May 4, and as the elections called by the government in June approached, dozens of people were arrested before they could even begin to march.


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It is an extraordinary police device that awaited the students on Tuesday in the streets of Algiers.

However this time, they had taken their precaution by changing the usual place of assembly, thus hoping to avoid the arrests which had forced them last week to give up their march.

But the massive deployment of the police was right for these precautions. The arrests therefore began very early, even before the start of the march, and according to testimonies collected by AFP, it was plainclothes police officers who first arrested several student leaders, then dozens of other young people. .

This wave of arrests was denounced in particular by the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights.

She says she is worried about " 

the escalation of repression which targets all voices of the opposition and of the Hirak 


According to her, proof of the authorities' determination, the demonstrators arrested 8 days ago were only released on condition: they had to sign a document in which they undertake not to participate in these weekly marches on pain of death. 'go to jail.


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