After the announcement of an alliance between LREM and Renaud Muselier at the regional level by Jean Castex, the outgoing president LR tries to regain control and silence the critics of compromise in his regard, analyzes Christèle Lagier, lecturer in science policies at the University of Avignon.

In the press release supposed to clarify its positioning, Renaud Muselier recalls that the regional ballot is a local ballot.

Why ?

It's pretty classic.

Here, Renaud Muselier seeks to dissociate the regional elections from the presidential election, to avoid suggesting that, behind this alliance with LREM, there is another stake, that of a political recomposition underway in our country.

He especially wants to regain control locally.

Renaud Muselier also uses the “I” a lot, and even says “I will be the sole decision-maker”.

He was somewhat overtaken by the Castex display this Sunday, which placed it all at the national level.

He wants to show that at the local level, it is he who decides.

He is not trying to get his party's agreement.

What do you mean ?

He is empowering himself with his party, which is not very surprising.

Renaud Muselier has spent his entire life waiting for Marseille town hall behind Jean-Claude Gaudin, and never had it.

In the past, The Republicans did not carry Renaud Muselier to great responsibilities.

And the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region will be, for these elections, an ultra-media region because the score of the RN can be very strong there.

It is not a region like the others and Renaud Muselier, in his strategy, perhaps knows this more than the others.

Can he manage to unite behind his name, even without the investiture of his party?

We find in Paca this electorate of the popular right, uninhibited, the rightmost fringe of LR which takes up the proposals of the RN on the immigration component, for example, and which will not be totally opposed to a one-off reconciliation for local polls. Also, Renaud Muselier knows very well that he will have difficulty bringing together, in particular this part very to the right of the Republicans. However, the votes granted to François Fillon during the last presidential election were massively transferred to Emmanuel Macron, no matter what. There is a real divide within the right.

By saying that there is no deal with LREM, there is a play on words.

This means that there will not be the LREM logo on these posters, just as there may not be the LR logo on these listings.

But this is already increasingly the case in local elections.

The goal, behind, is to be the man who brings together the center-right of voters, while trying not to give LREM a blank check.


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