US Secretary of State Blincoln said the Biden administration's policy toward North Korea is focused on diplomacy and hopes that North Korea will seize this opportunity. He handed over the ball to North Korea, saying that he would observe North Korea's words and actions in the future.

This is Kim Soo-hyung from Washington.


Secretary of State Blincoln, who attended the G7 Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers' Meeting in seven major countries in the UK, emphasized that the US policy toward North Korea is focused on diplomatic solutions.

[Blincoln/US Secretary of State: I hope that

North Korea

will be able to seize the opportunity for diplomatic involvement and to look at how to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.]

He said he would keep an eye on North Korea's words and actions.

[Blincoln/US Secretary of State: We will be watching North Korea's words and actions over the next few days and months. It is up to North Korea to decide whether or not they want to engage on these principles.] They

warned in advance of the possibility of provocation and urged them to engage in diplomatic dialogue without causing much stimulus to North Korea.

When the US announced that it had finished reviewing its policy toward North Korea, North Korea had even opened up the possibility of provocation, saying that it would face "a very serious situation" against the US.

Minister Blincoln said that the review of North Korea policy has undergone a substantial consultation process with alliances such as Korea and Japan, and that he will continue to coordinate closely in the future.

Secretary of State Blincoln shared the results of the review of North Korea policy through bilateral talks with Foreign Minister Eui-yong Eui-yong, and reviewed the agenda of the ROK-US summit to be held at the White House on the 21st.