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It is a movie theater in Guangdong, China.

The child runs in front of the movie screen, bumps and kicks.

The movie's ending credits are going up, and the child kicked the screen more than five times in the meantime.

However, no one was drying the child.

Damaged screens are the most expensive screens in this theater, and parts cannot be repaired, so they have to be replaced in their entirety, so the child's parents are in danger of asking 180,000 yuan in our money, about 31 million won.

Chinese netizens who watched the video pointed out that "parents must pay compensation" and pointed out that parental responsibility and education for'Sung Haiz', which refers to a child who has trouble in public places, is essential.

Korean netizens who saw this also responded, "Even if a child can make a mistake, parents have to teach it tingly!", "Would you have wanted to go into the movie...? It will be embarrassing when you grow up!"

(Screen source: Weibo Guangzhou Daily)