The curtain of school recruitment in 2021 has begun. Is it difficult to get a job this year?

  "I plan to find a job in finance. I followed some companies on the Internet before. It happened that I could communicate face-to-face with HR on the spot today and formally voted for my resume. Compared with the starting salary, I value the growth of the company and hope to learn some experience." At the double-election meeting on the campus of Beijing Technology and Business University held on April 7, Gao, an undergraduate student majoring in electronic science and technology from the school, came to the venue early to have a conversation with the recruiters of the employer.

  This spring recruits are extraordinary.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, the total number of college graduates in 2021 will reach 9.09 million, an increase of 350,000 year-on-year, and the employment situation is severe and complex.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security have held many meetings to deploy related work, taking various measures to facilitate the smooth job search for graduates.

For graduates who are hoping for spring recruitment, how to take the first step towards society will also be a big exam for them.

So, is it difficult to get a job this year?

What new trends will spring recruitment present, and what new choices will it bring to graduates?

The reporter walked among the college students.

1. "Live with posts", new ways to expand new possibilities

  "What are the special activities for public employment services for college graduates in 2021?" "What are the favorable policies for college students' employment and entrepreneurship in our province?" "What free services are provided by public human resources service agencies?" Li Rixin, director of the Employment Promotion and Unemployment Insurance Division of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hunan Province, explained all the doubts and doubts of college graduates who are seeking jobs.

According to media reports, in late March, the first phase of the “Live with Post” event of the 2021 large and medium-sized cities joint recruitment of college graduates spring special event (Hunan branch) was officially launched. In just one day, the cumulative number of views reached more than 100,000. Person times.

  Not only has "live broadcast with posts" quietly emerged, the online double elections that emerged during the epidemic last year have also continued to be hot this year.

The reporter opened the "Beijing University Graduate Employment Information Network" and showed that there are three online double-election meetings in progress. Click on one of them and you can see the data of "249 participating units, 1024 job positions, and 14,625 recruits".

In the "Interviewing Companies" column, the reporter noticed that more than 10 companies are opening online interviews, and the number of interviewed and waiting numbers of participating companies is also updated at any time.

  The development of information technology and the Internet has made the information of employers and job applicants more transparent and interactive, and various platforms and intelligent services have also made information matching higher and more immediate.

It is reported that at the "2021 General College Graduates Medical Talents Special Supply and Demand Meeting" jointly sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, and jointly hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Talent Service Bureau and Southern Medical University. , Relying on the information platform for the supply and demand of urgently needed talents in Guangdong Province and the intelligent service platform for employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates in Guangdong Province, the system can intelligently match positions and display the booth number corresponding to the position, and job-seekers can "check seats" according to the guidelines.

"Red lines" and bridges are built between the "hunting for talents" employers and the confident fresh graduates.

  The offline double-election meeting, which has gradually restarted due to the improvement of the epidemic, also embodies "precise matching."

On March 16, Tsinghua University’s largest annual campus recruitment fair-the 2021 graduates large-scale employment fair was launched.

It is reported that the on-site negotiation period has been extended from the previous 1 day to 4 days, divided into major countries and heavy equipment, financial industry, cultural and academic employment, information technology, infrastructure construction, comprehensive enterprises and institutions, and other industries to facilitate students Find employment industries more accurately.

In addition, Tsinghua University also relies on industry-specific recruitment to hold industry talent cooperation forums on topics such as major powers, information technology and infrastructure construction, and deepen school-enterprise cooperation with relevant corporate human resources department heads and professional counterpart teachers. Intensify the interaction between the two sides in personnel training and transportation.

  "All our graduates are in a WeChat group, and there are special teachers who push recruitment information." Cilin Yangzhen, a doctoral student at Minzu University of China, said while opening the mobile phone WeChat. "The school will hold some job fairs from time to time. Many students are paying attention, and they have also carried out career counseling related lectures. The leaders of the college have also organized many employment-related conferences. I learned about some common problems in job hunting, such as how to choose and choose, the skills of written examinations and interviews. And precautions, etc."

  According to Zhang Jiwei, deputy director of the Admissions and Employment Office of Minzu University of China, the current enthusiasm of the "Spring Recruitment" is related to the easing of the epidemic, the steady improvement of the economic situation, and the increase in demand from employers.

"We had some exchanges with some talent agencies. According to their feedback, the pace of spring recruitment should be a little slower than autumn recruitment according to the usual practice in previous years, but their current work pressure is quite heavy. According to them, This year’s spring recruitment has adopted the rhythm of autumn recruitment. It can be seen that after a period of depression since the epidemic, the needs of employers are still in the phase of gradual release."

2. Online economy, new business formats give birth to new paths

  "Before I came here, I thought that my job would be to read papers and do experiments every day, but soon after I came, I came into contact with actual projects and participated in key research topics. I have already started'actual combat'. Now I think this work is very interesting. I feel like I’m developing a game." Liu Jing, a graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in 2020 and currently working as an assistant engineer in the Renewable Energy Power Generation System Research Department of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, described her status after joining, “I am currently engaged in His work is mainly based on the development of virtual reality software based on application scenarios such as photovoltaics and wind energy. Although it is related to majors, the work he is currently engaged in is something that has never been done before, and there are still fewer people engaged in it, so more What is self-growth is to constantly supervise self-improvement at work."

  Liu Jing's choice is not alone.

According to the new trend of talent mobility in the spring of 2021 released by the workplace social platform "Maimai", the "new economy" is becoming a new employment growth engine.

Artificial intelligence has become the new economic field where talents are most active in job hunting, and the new economic fields such as games, new life services, smart hardware, and new education and training have the least competition for employment.

The "2021 Spring Recruitment Market Weekly" released by the large recruitment platform Zhilian Recruitment at the end of March also showed that the demand for online economic talents has surpassed that of 2019 before the epidemic.

  "These new formats on the one hand have created many job opportunities for students; on the other hand, they have also guided the future development direction of the industrial economy. Students choose these industries because of the forward-looking nature of industry development, and the salaries of these industries are not lacking in attractiveness. Zhang Jiwei analyzed, “In recent years, it has been observed that some Internet companies have become more and more'offensive' in recruiting on campus. Taking education and training institutions as an example, in the past, our students often chose traditional offline training institutions. More and more students will choose online institutions."

  In Liu Jing's view, the openness of the new economic format and the demand for interdisciplinary talents can attract more multi-professional students to join and expand more employment paths.

"Traditional electrical-related companies will clearly need electrical talents, but now our work must first be big data tools, we need to use the Internet of Things to monitor PTZ power station data. And my strengths may be more software, In terms of computer and visualization. So it can be seen that compared with the traditional new formats, the demand for talents is more diversified, and it is necessary to "combine hard and soft"." Liu Jing said.

  In addition to breaking through industry restrictions, the new trend of more and more flexible employment patterns is also becoming more apparent.

“Now there is another trend. The proportion of freelance students is increasing. Beijing reached a ratio of about 10% last year, which is still relatively high. This kind of freelance not only includes traditional translation, tutoring, etc., but also opening online shops, Webcast, etc. From the perspective of this generation of college students, they increasingly dislike being bound by something and are pursuing the development of self-individualization, so I think this ratio may increase in the future." Zhang Jiwei said.

3. Graduates should recognize the rational choice of self-positioning

  Not only are there more ways to apply for jobs, but industries and forms of employment are expanding. The reporter found that employment in the "post-epidemic" era has broken the past overly "obsession" with regions and wages.

In terms of employment area, the retention rate of graduates from key universities in Beijing has been decreasing in recent years. With the introduction of policies for attracting talents from many “new first-tier cities”, the employment market has become very popular.

With the "closing" of poverty alleviation and the promotion of rural revitalization, returning to the hometown for employment has also formed a new attraction. "Remaining in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou" is no longer the choice of most graduates.

From the perspective of expectations for new jobs, related survey data provided by Zhaopin Recruitment and others show that 61.2% of the respondents said that they value corporate culture and employee welfare more, and 52% pay more attention to the combination of work and rest.

  "I came into contact with a student who took an exam for civil servants in Beijing and his hometown. The results of the civil servant exam in his hometown have not yet come out. The civil servants in Beijing have shown that they have passed the exam. However, he still doesn't seem to plan to stay in Beijing, although the benefits of staying in Beijing may be different. Better." Zhang Jiwei analyzed that the rate of staying in Beijing for graduates of the Central People's University was already low, but from the previous few years, it would have been reduced by one or two percentage points each year.

"This also reflects that students' career development choices are now clearer and more specific. It also reflects that with the deepening of urbanization and the rise of local urban agglomerations, the gap in hardware at least in various regions is narrowing."

  "Of course, all kinds of information in Beijing and Shanghai are relatively developed, and relevant academic resources are relatively rich, which will help future academic research. From my own conditions, I am from Yunnan, and my university and graduate students are in Kunming. It may be more convenient to find employment. Job opportunities in Kunming will also be considered in the same way. I personally think that the most important factor in job hunting is to look at the nature of the profession and whether the unit pays enough attention to our disciplines, so that we can see the development prospects of disciplines and fields, and secondly it will also be integrated Consider the treatment." Cilin Yangzhen said.

  "I personally think that the job search process is a process of constantly discovering myself and discovering my own needs. When I started my job search, my goals were still chaotic and I was in a state of'want to experience everything'. I was interested in Internet finance at one time, and I also learned. I have a lot of knowledge related to finance. Later, I gradually found that I was still willing to engage in a relatively stable job, prefer the laboratory atmosphere, and did not want to give up the knowledge and skills I learned over the years, and finally chose a research institute. So I still have to ask my heart, what do I want in my future life? I choose an employment unit with this goal, and the one that suits me is the best." Liu Jing said.

  "First, you can’t have the idea of'get it once and for all' when looking for a job. The first job is really important, but don’t limit yourself too much with the first job. If you can’t achieve it in one step, keep accumulating and approach your goal. . Second, you should link your development with the needs of your country and nation, so that the longer you work in the future, the more you can realize the meaning and value of your work. Third, I think that many students still follow the trend in job hunting. , Think more about your own advantages, your own future development, and form your own independent opinions. Don't always use unnecessary conditions to put pressure on yourself and keep your mind at peace." Zhang Jiwei suggested.

(Our reporter Zhou Shixiang and Yang Sa)