China News Service, May 4th. According to a report by Russian Satellite Network on the 4th, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said that Moscow has repeatedly stated that it was not Russia that initiated a "sanctions war" with the West, but Russia did it. Be prepared to end this meaningless confrontation at any time.

  In an interview with RT TV, Zakharova said: "We have stated more than once that we are not the first to launch a sanctions war, but we are ready to do this part of our work at any time in order to end this meaningless confrontation, because At the end of the confrontation, there will be no winners."

  She also said that the sanctions against Russia will of course have a negative impact on the relations between Russia and the West, undermine the trust between the two sides, and cast a shadow over the prospect of normalization of relations.

  She pointed out, “We do not support the promotion of the sanctions whirlpool. Nevertheless, we accept the challenge and respond quickly in a targeted manner. In view of the obvious facts, sanctions against Russia are a double-edged sword, and it will also give the proponents of sanctions It will cause considerable damage. We hope that, based on the principles of fairness and equality, abandoning power and non-interference in the sovereign affairs of other countries, we will maintain our sense and re-establish bilateral relations.

  Since mid-April, the "diplomatic sanctions war" between Russia and Western countries such as the United States and Europe has intensified. The United States took the lead in "initiating troubles" against Russia, expelling Russian diplomats and launching sanctions against Russia, followed by Poland and the Czech Republic Afterwards, the Russian diplomats were expelled successively.

The Russian side has also retaliated and taken corresponding measures against many countries in the United States and Europe.