Eschbach / Ober-Erlenbach (dpa / lhe) - The rush of townspeople, for example from the metropolitan areas of the Rhine-Main region, is sometimes cause for joy for farmers, but sometimes also a nuisance.

Because even if some day-trippers have only become aware of regional products and the beauty of the surrounding regions in the past few months, free-roaming dogs in the breeding season or picnics in the field cause frustration among foresters and farmers.

"That is a bit of a problem, because they often come in bulk," said the Ober-Erlenbach farmer Volker Goy. "The flow of visitors during the Corona period is already considerable." It is nice when the visitors are interested in the work of the farmers. "But then photos are taken in the rapeseed, in the middle of the field, everything is trampled down," he complained. "Nobody cares, everything is seen as common property."

"They even know what they destroy when they play badminton on the field or have a picnic," complained the Eschbach sheep farmer Volker Schuhmacher.

When he moves from pasture to pasture with his sheep, dogs that run freely are a particular problem.

“They walk over there everywhere, nobody sticks to the signs that the leash is mandatory during the breeding and setting time.

And when you complain, they always say he just wants to play. "


"The good experience is that the townspeople go to the country again and you get into conversation," said the Hessian farmer president Karsten Schmal, emphasizing the advantages of the urban excursionists.

"Our direct marketers in particular benefit because they think about where the products come from."

It is also important that the dialogue between farmers and consumers gets under way.

The farmers also get to know some new perspectives, says Goy: "Last year someone said to me: You are fine, your work is going on - mine was destroyed by Corona."

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