The Spanish Minister of Health said that it is not advisable for fans to attend the football league matches for the rest of the season amid the threats of the Corona virus, directing a blow to the League's plans to return the fans to the stands.

The League had hoped to welcome fans to the first and second division matches, in limited numbers, starting next week, after the virus infection rates decreased.

"I don't think it's the preferred option for the remainder of the season," Minister Carolina Darias told a news conference on Monday.

The Spanish League explained - in a statement - that it had asked some regions to determine the possibility of hosting fans there, noting that some clubs could not open the stadiums to the masses again.

The League added that it would try to persuade the government to rethink its position, which it described as "discriminatory and inconsistent."

Fans have not been allowed to attend matches in the first and second divisions since the epidemic disrupted Spanish football in March 2020.

Limited numbers of fans have been allowed in other sporting competitions, such as the Barcelona Open tennis tournament last month and the Madrid Open, which kicked off last week.