G7 = Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the Seven Major Countries has opened in the United Kingdom.

At the working dinner on the first day, the United States completed a review of its policy toward North Korea, and agreed to adhere to the goal of complete denuclearization of North Korea.

For the first time in about two years, the G7 = Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the seven major countries opened in London, England, on the early morning of the 4th of Japan time, and a working dinner was held.

Opinions were exchanged over North Korea, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained the review of North Korea's policy.

And for the complete denuclearization of North Korea, adhere to the goal of achieving CVID of all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges = complete, verifiable and irreversible destruction, and the UN Security Council resolution. They agreed that full performance was essential.

Foreign Minister Mogi also sought understanding and cooperation for the early resolution of the abduction issue, and the foreign ministers of each country expressed their support.

Minister Mogi said to reporters, "We support and welcome the United States' efforts while emphasizing close cooperation with Japan and South Korea in reviewing its policy toward North Korea. I want to work closely with you. "

On the 4th, discussions on the situation in Russia, China, Iran, Myanmar, etc.

The meeting will be held on the 4th, the second day, to discuss democracy, freedom, and geopolitical issues that threaten human rights, including relations with Russia, China, and Iran, as well as the situation in Myanmar. Will be taken up.

Regarding the situation in Myanmar, after receiving a video report on the latest situation from the "National Union Government," which was established as an independent government to counter the rule of the military, the chair country, the United Kingdom, addressed individuals related to the military. It is calling on G7 countries to further sanction and provide humanitarian assistance to those in difficult situations.

At dinner on the 4th, the Indo-Pacific region, which is becoming more important for G7 countries, will be on the agenda, and countries invited as guests such as Australia, India and South Korea will join in to discuss strengthening cooperation in this region. ..

"This G7 is an opportunity to unite and show unity in an open democratic society to address common challenges and threats," said Foreign Minister Raab.