Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - Rehabilitation expert and sports scientist Ingo Froböse advises hobby kickers and recreational runners after surviving corona disease as a precaution.

“You should definitely do self-diagnostics, observe your breathing and heart rate and your ability to regenerate.

If someone is unsure, they should go to a performance diagnostic center: Go to the sports medicine specialist and say: Check me out! ”Said the university professor for prevention and rehabilitation at the German Sport University Cologne in a dpa interview.

"Especially in the first four to six weeks after Corona, you should definitely run in the oxygen-rich area, so build up your foundation again first."

For competitive athletes, the 64-year-old sees the associations as an obligation to help affected athletes. “We urgently need return to competition programs. We absolutely need measures that concern a very cautious approach when returning to competitive sport, ”said Froböse. In such a case, you cannot fall back on old training plans.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has already launched a "Return to sport" program.

"The athlete should be offered medical diagnostics and advice as soon as possible - already at the regional association level and with the involvement of the Olympic training centers," explained Froböse.

Symposia would also be needed soon that deal with the topic of long covid, the long-term consequences of illness.

“We need a scientific exchange, preferably about the respective sports.

Just like the task force from the footballers under my colleague Tim Meyer collects data. "


The Federal Ministry of the Interior is also called upon to do this: "We need studies that support exactly that: Return to sport - how do I even do it?" Says Froböse.

The Federal Institute for Sport Science in Bonn is exactly the right institution for this.

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