Munich (dpa) - The coldest April in 40 years has pushed the heating costs of German households up significantly.

The heat demand was 50 percent higher than in April 2020, as the comparison portal Check24 calculated based on data from the German Weather Service (DWD).

A model household in a terraced house with gas heating had to pay 54 euros more than in April 2020. If the house is operated with oil heating, the surcharge is as much as 61 euros.

Over the entire heating period from September to April there was a 10 percent higher heating requirement.

For the model household, gas heating resulted in total costs of 1154 euros, 93 euros more than in the 2019/2020 heating period.

The market observers reported that heating with gas has become around 9 percent more expensive.


Consumers with oil heating, however, would have benefited from the price low in the past late year. Between September 2020 and April 2021 they would have had to pay 1003 euros for heating, 56 euros less than in the previous heating period. That corresponds to a minus of 5 percent. "In the meantime, however, the price of heating oil has risen significantly again, by as much as 58 percent since the low in September 2020," said Steffen Suttner, Managing Director Energy at Check24. With the increased heating oil costs, the new CO2 price is particularly noticeable.

According to the DWD, there has not been such a cool April since 1980 as this year.

The temperature average in April 2021 was 6.1 degrees Celsius, 1.3 degrees below the value of the internationally valid reference period 1961 to 1990. Compared to the current and warmer reference period 1991 to 2020, the deviation was even minus 2.9 degrees.

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