Representative of China: China supports all parties in Myanmar to find a way to politically resolve their differences through dialogue

  China News Agency, United Nations, May 3 (Reporter Madlin) Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, said on the 3rd that China supports all parties in Myanmar to seek political solutions to their differences through dialogue under the constitutional and legal framework, and continue to promote Myanmar. Democratic transformation.

  Zhang Jun held a press conference on the same day to introduce China's work arrangements during the Security Council's rotating presidency in May, and made the above remarks when answering questions about Myanmar.

  Zhang Jun said that the Security Council has been paying close attention to the situation in Myanmar and has been taking action.

In the past three months, the Security Council has held numerous meetings on the Myanmar issue and unanimously adopted relevant outcome documents.

Last Friday, Brunei’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Eriwan was invited to brief the members of the Security Council on the discussions and consensus reached in the special meeting of ASEAN leaders on April 24.

The members of the Security Council unanimously welcomed the positive results of the meeting, reiterated their support for ASEAN to play an active and constructive role in helping Myanmar to resolve the issue peacefully, supported the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy on Myanmar in mediating, and looked forward to positive results in relevant work.

  Zhang Jun said that as a neighboring country of Myanmar, China has been closely following the situation in Myanmar, has been doing the work of various parties in Myanmar through its own channels, and has been constructively participating in the relevant discussions and consensus reached by the Security Council.

China supports Myanmar's various parties and factions to seek political solutions to their differences through dialogue within the framework of the Constitution and the law, and continue to promote Myanmar's democratic transformation.

  Zhang Jun emphasized that coercive measures such as unilateral pressure and advocacy of sanctions will only intensify contradictions, intensify confrontations, cause more casualties, and form a vicious circle, which is not a constructive approach.

The Security Council has learned a lesson when dealing with other related hot issues.

He said that as the rotating chairman of the Security Council, China will maintain communication with all members and make arrangements for the work of the Security Council.