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Paris Saint-Germain needs a new feat from a big European, Manchester City, winner of the first half (2-1), in order to play a second Champions League final in a row, Tuesday (9:00 p.m. ).

This is the time for PSG to remember that it is better on the outside, the first argument identified by Le Parisien among its "five reasons to believe".

L'Equipe evokes the locker room discussions since the defeat where the players promised to land "in Manchester like an army in conquest, convinced that the gap that separated them from a trip to Istanbul (...) was not not a chasm ".

PSG will need all its faith and the magic of its stars, even if Kylian Mbappé is not sure to be, to go and wait in the final, on May 29 in the Turkish metropolis, Real Madrid or Chelsea, which in disjoint Wednesday in London (1-1 on the way).

Neymar even called for the "warrior" spirit to achieve the feat.

"I will be the first warrior who goes into battle for the team," he said on the club's website.

Mbappé is not starting 100%, hampered by a contracture in the right calf.

Coach Mauricio Pochettino has indicated he will make his decision at the last moment.

This "suspense around Mbappé, headlines L'Equipe, will liven up the day on Wednesday.

The duo of geniuses owe a revenge, after a semi-final where they disappointed, caught in the web of Pep Guardiola.

- PSG has already done it -

But the Manchester City manager disagrees.

"Don't judge a player's performance by whether his team won or lost. You have my opinion: they played well," he said.

In any case, they will have to play well enough to achieve the feat: PSG must win by scoring at least two goals.

At 2-0, he passes, at 2-1, he plays overtime, any victory by scoring three goals or more sends him to the edges of the Bosphorus.

But winning by scoring away goals, PSG know how to do it, they have proven it this season.

He has already done it in Manchester, precisely, against United (3-1), a score which, on Tuesday, would send him to the final.

Paris also torpedoed FC Barcelona at Camp Nou (4-1) and defending champion Bayern Munich (3-2) at the Allianz Arena.

It would be a shame for PSG to stop at the door of the final with such a hunting table.

City dreams of their very first C1 final, 51 years after winning their only European final, in the 1970 Cup Winners' Cup (former C2), against Polish club Gornik Zabrze (2-1).

But the desire to finally lift this cup with big ears, at the fifth attempt under the magisterium of "Pep", should not paralyze the "Sky Blues".

- "We are going to suffer" -

"We have to be confident," insists center-back John Stones.

"It's a great opportunity for us players, and for the club, to reach the Champions League final."

"Sometimes you don't need emotion but calm," Guardiola preaches.

“It's a privilege to be here,” insists the coach, “for most of us it's the first time. But the only thing we have to think about is what we have to do. to win this match ".

On the Paris SG side, Marco Verratti embroiders on the same emotional motif.

"We will have to manage the emotions", warns the Italian, "there will be times when we suffer, times when we will be better".

"We know that we are going to suffer," Pochettino abounds, "we will have to be clinical and aggressive when we have our opportunities."

Another certainty for the Argentinian coach of PSG: the commitment that his players will put into it.

"For this kind of game, + Houston, we have a problem + if we have to motivate our players for a Champions League semi-final, right?"

he jokes.

Pochettino players know what to do to land the moon.

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