China News Service, Meizhou Island, Fujian, May 4th (Reporter Lin Chunyin) Hundreds of drones travel the night sky, sea fireworks, volunteers from Fujian and Taiwan to swim with lanterns, lively performances... 4th (March 2 of the lunar calendar) 13), on the 1061 anniversary of Mazu's birth, the board of directors of Mazu Temple in Meizhou, Putian, Fujian initiated the "Mazu Return to Her Family" activity on the first day of March and reached a climax in the early morning of that day.

On May 4, a spring ceremony to commemorate the 1061 anniversary of Mazu’s birth was held on Meizhou Island, Putian, Fujian, the "Hometown of Mazu."

Photo by Cai Hao

  Mazu, known as the "goddess of the sea", has more than 300 million believers around the world, and there are tens of thousands of Mazu temples separated from Meizhou Island in 45 countries and regions.

In 2009, Mazu’s belief in customs was included in the list of human intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

  On the evening of the 3rd, the board of directors of Mazu Temple in Meizhou held a "night vigil to celebrate Mazu's birthday" at Tianhou Palace on Meizhou Island, "Mazu's Hometown". Through live broadcast, believers at home and abroad celebrated the 1061 anniversary of Mazu's birth together.

  At the scene, the large-scale Mazu Palace temple complex was created by colorful lights and shadows, brightly lit and full of brilliance, like a sea wonderland.

The "Third Princes of Electronic Music" performance show, auspicious Meizhou live performance, and folklore performance teams from all over the world gathered in Shengqimen Square to perform their unique skills, and the voice was full of people.

There are more than 300 million Mazu believers in the world, and the map of Mazu's division is rapidly expanding. There are tens of thousands of temples in 46 countries and regions.

Photo by Cai Hao

  The Hanfu show and neon clothes brought by a team of volunteers from Taiwan danced to kick off the "Night Vigil to Celebrate Mazu's Birthday".

A group of women with high waist skirts, together with the Meizhou women wearing "sea soul shirts", all combed the unique "Mazu head" of Meizhou Island and swam with lanterns.

In front of the Mazu Temple, the five blessing lights converge into a big "Fu" character.

  At 11:46 on the 3rd, Lin Jinzan, Chairman of the Zumiao Board of Directors, together with representatives of the Zumiao Board of Directors and Supervisors, held three dedications at the Zumiao Tianhou Temple, praying for safety and auspiciousness.

  When the bell rang at midnight on the 4th, believers at home and abroad sang the birthday song together.

Amidst the singing, 28 Meizhou women walked towards the golden body of Mazu lightly, offering their most devout prayers.

323 drones turned out the landmarks of Meizhou Island, such as the Shanmen Gate and the Ancestral Temple Tianhou Palace, with blessings such as "Protect Meizhou Island" and "Mazu Blessing".

Photo by Cai Hao

  The sound of bells and drums penetrated the night sky.

The group of 323 drones flashed with colorful lights, slowly rising, and "transfigured" out of the mountain gate, the Ancestral Temple Tianhou Temple, and Mazu statues in the night sky, with words such as "Protect Meizhou Island" and "Mazu Bless".

  In the night sky, drones formed a peace dove carrying an olive leaf and flew across the sea.

"This implies that after the start of Mazu's return to her natal home on the first day of March, Mazu believers from all over the world came here in the form of peace doves," said Lin Jinzan.

  Lin Jinzan said that the Ancestral Temple Tianhou Palace, as the ancestral court, is the core of Mazu culture. For Mazu believers at home and abroad, it is the warmest harbor.

"Meizhou Mazu Temple will continue to protect and inherit Mazu cultural heritage, strengthen exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and make Mazu culture more brilliant and splendid." (End)