Dr. Mohamed Fattouh, a former member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, said that it is possible that the Indian strain of the emerging corona virus has arrived in Egypt, given the recent increase in the number of infections and deaths in the country.

The advisor to the Egyptian President for Health and Prevention Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj al-Din, had confirmed that the Ministry of Health had not yet detected cases of the modified Indian strain of the Corona virus.

Fattouh said during an interview with the (Al-Masaa) program on Al-Jazeera Mubasher, Monday, that Taj Al-Din's statements are “surprising” because no country can confirm the existence of a particular strain unless it conducts a sufficient number of swabs and genetic analyzes to discover that strain.

He explained that there is reason to doubt that the Indian strain or other rapidly spreading strains have become present in Egypt, because the number of infected people in the third wave in Egypt is more than the first and second wave, in addition to that the symptoms have become different and more virulent.

In response to the possibility that there is an "Egyptian" mutated strain of the Corona virus, he said that the number of people infected with the third wave of the virus in Egypt is much higher than the first and second waves, and in light of different symptoms and more severe infections;

What raises suspicion is the existence of a different dynasty, it may be the Indian race or be a new Egyptian strain.

Fattouh explained that the virus can mutate when the number of infections increases in a specific geographical area, and it is not a requirement that it be in a specific country, explaining that the fame of any mutated strain depends on the speed of its spread and the severity of infection, as happened with the British, Indian and Brazilian strains.

With the large number of Corona virus infections in Egypt, can there be an Egyptian strain similar to the Indian strain?


- Al Jazeera Mubasher (@ajmubasher) May 3, 2021

And mutated strains are a version of the virus that includes a set of mutations, that is, changes in its genetic material.

And the emergence of mutated copies of the virus is not a surprise, but rather a natural process, because the virus mutates over time to ensure its survival.

Scientists say that whenever the epidemic spreads on a large scale, new strains appear and the extent of their spread becomes difficult to control.

The death of the 500th doctor in Corona

In a related context, the Egyptian Medical Syndicate mourned, yesterday, Sunday, Dr. Ashraf Mahmoud Ta'ilb, a consultant ear, nose and throat in Damietta Governorate, who died after being infected with the new Corona virus, to be the 500th doctor registered by the Syndicate of the victims of the pandemic.

The General Syndicate of Doctors in # Egypt mourns the 500th victim due to infection with # Corona virus pic.twitter.com/wH8BpTANVq

- Al Jazeera Mubasher (@ajmubasher) May 3, 2021

Yesterday, Monday, Egypt recorded 1078 new cases of Coronavirus and 62 deaths, compared with 1,051 infections and 67 deaths on Sunday.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Khaled Mujahid, said in a statement that "the total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until Monday, is 230,713, including 172774 cases that have been cured, and 13531 deaths."

# The Doctors Syndicate in Egypt announces that # Corona deaths among doctors have crossed the 500 death barrier ... and requests the Ministry of Health to disclose the true numbers @ ajmhashtag pic.twitter.com/Ud8yIoBZq1

- Al Jazeera Mubasher (@ajmubasher) May 3, 2021