Rejection of the rest of the requests for not meeting the conditions

Acceptance of applications to run for the Syrian president and two others

Allaham during the press conference yesterday.


Yesterday, the Supreme Constitutional Court in Syria announced the acceptance of three candidacy applications for the post of President of the Republic and the rejection of the rest of the candidacy applications submitted because they did not meet the constitutional and legal requirements. In its initial announcement, it decided to accept the candidacy of Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, and Mahmoud Ahmad Mari, for the post of President of the Syrian Arab Republic, and to reject the rest of the applications for not meeting the constitutional and legal requirements.

Al-Lahham indicated that those whose candidacy applications were rejected have the right to appeal to the court within three days, starting from this morning.

Regarding the acceptance of his application as a candidate for the post of President of the Republic, lawyer Mahmoud Mari told the German news agency (dpa) that “this is a preliminary decision and within three days the candidates whose applications were rejected have the right to submit appeals, followed by another three days to consider the appeals, provided that the decision is issued Final on the ninth of this month ».

"According to the law, candidates are not allowed to carry out propaganda work until a final decision is made to accept their applications," Mari said.

He is considered one of the opposition figures inside, and he is the head of the Syrian Arab Organization for Human Rights and the Secretary General of the opposition Democratic Front.

On Wednesday, the nomination process for the elections ended, with 51 candidates, including Bashar al-Assad, seven women, and one candidate representing the internal opposition.

A candidate must obtain 35 votes from the 250 members of the People's Assembly, including 167 for the Ba'ath Party, 13 for the National Progressive Front, and 70 independent deputies.

May 20 has been set as the date for Syrians abroad to cast their votes in the elections, while voting will take place inside the country on the 26th of the same month.

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