As the rapid spread of the new coronavirus continues in India, the first charter flight for Koreans staying in South Korea to return home arrived on the 4th.

Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in India, the number of newly infected people exceeds 300,000 every day, and the medical system continues to be in a critical situation.

In response to this, the Korean government has suspended direct flights between the two countries since late April, but only charter flights for Koreans staying in the area to return to Japan are allowed.

The first charter flight departed from southern Chennai, where Hyundai Motor's factory is located, on the early morning of the 4th local time, and arrived at Incheon Airport near Seoul on the morning of the 4th.

Approximately 170 passengers who have returned to Japan will have to wait for two weeks at a facility prepared by the Korean government after undergoing a PCR test.

Charter flights will depart from Southern Bengaluru on May 7 with more than 200 passengers.

With about 11,200 Koreans staying in India, the South Korean government is considering increasing flights.