Gérald Darmanin said Tuesday that the Republicans electorate was behind Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the Prime Minister's "outstretched hand" to Renaud Muselier en Paca, last Sunday to counter the National Rally.

The Minister of the Interior also qualified Emmanuel Macron as a "man for the job" for 2022. 

Gérald Darmanin said Tuesday that "the LR electorate supports the President of the Republic" and that a "tiny part" there "refused (knows)", commenting on the alliance of LR Renaud Muselier with LREM for regional elections in Paca.



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"We must see that our electorate merges with that" of Emmanuel Macron, declared on Radio Classique the Minister of the Interior, ex LR, emphasizing "the danger of the National Front very important in Paca".

"The Prime Minister extended his hand to Renaud Muselier in a fight against the FN," insisted Gérald Darmanin.

"The LR electorate supports the President of the Republic. There is a tiny party that refuses."

"To meet against Marine Le Pen"

Beyond the regional, the minister mentioned the presidential election, arguing that the head of state was "the man for the job".

"I think France is lucky to have Emmanuel Macron," he said, calling on "Republicans on both sides" to "meet against Marine Le Pen".



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"It would be reasonable for everyone."

"The right of government and the left of government must support the President of the Republic", insisted Gérald Darmanin.