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NOC * NSF: Half of the Dutch people started exercising less

During the corona crisis, more than half of the Dutch people started exercising less, according to 

research conducted

 by research agency Kantar for NOC * NSF. The measures associated with the corona pandemic have a major influence on our sports behavior, the sports umbrella organization sees. Especially people who practice indoor sports have started exercising less. To reduce the risk of the corona virus spreading, many sports facilities such as gyms have been closed for a long time.

Of the more than 3,000 respondents surveyed, 52 percent said they had exercised less or had stopped exercising altogether since the start of the corona crisis. 43 percent said they felt less physically fit, the survey found.

According to the cabinet's step-by-step plan, allowing indoor sports again under certain conditions would be planned on 11 May at the earliest.

Whether the corona numbers prompt further easing remains to be seen, however.

The cabinet will meet again this weekend in the Catshuis to discuss whether and to what extent the next step in the relaxation process can be taken.

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Eurovision Song Contest final with public

The nine shows around the Eurovision Song Contest will 


 take place with public. The event was designated a Fieldlab test at the beginning of April, opening up the possibility for 3,500 spectators per show.

It was announced in advance that the Fieldlab tests could only proceed if there were fewer than nine hundred corona patients in intensive care (IC). That number was 813 on Thursday.

Should the situation in healthcare deteriorate further in the coming weeks, the cabinet can always decide that the public is not welcome after all.

Sietse Bakker, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, understands this caveat.

"For that situation, we will of course keep the scenario without an audience at hand. We will also remain in close contact with the municipality, the GGD and the hospitals in the area."

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