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Mayors satisfied with postponement of corona easing

Mayors in the Security Council understand the postponement of scaling down the corona measures.

The chairs of the 25 safety regions believe that the infection rates and the number of patients in hospitals must first be reduced more quickly before the cabinet can take the next step.

The mayors are satisfied with the first step.

They have so far had few problems with enforcement.

On Monday evening, the Security Council will discuss, among other things, the status of access testing.

The mayors in deliberation would like to know what data these tests yield.

With access tests, people are only allowed to go to, for example, an event, football match or museum with a recent negative corona test.

Corona measures are also on the agenda again.

Outgoing ministers Hugo de Jonge and Ferd Grapperhaus will join the mayors.

GGD boss André Rouvoet is also present.

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Kuipers does not expect a major effect from Ajax's championship party, but from King's Day

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ), does not expect Ajax's championship party to have a major effect on the number of corona infections.

According to Kuipers, there were most likely infected people at the championship party, but according to the LNAZ chairman, that probably will not lead to a huge wave.

"This is one event in one place, very focused. That is different from what we saw in the whole country on King's Day, it can certainly have an effect."

Whether King's Day actually had an effect on the number of corona infections and the hospital influx should become visible at the end of this week.

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Kuipers calls the influx of corona patients stable, but still thinks the figures are high

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ), says that the influx of corona patients in hospitals and the occupancy rate are currently stable. "We are in a leveling off", Kuipers explained on Monday afternoon. Kuipers called the leveling off favorable, but added that the numbers are still high.

There are hospitals throughout the Netherlands that hardly have any beds left and may be forced to close the emergency department. "That is the order of the day everywhere", says Kuipers. At the moment no patients are being moved to Germany yet, but all regions are helping each other as much as possible. "We learned from the previous wave that this has a significant impact on the family. But if it is really necessary, you can." The hotspots in particular are the southwest of the Netherlands, Leiden and The Hague at the moment. Some of the patients are taken care of in Limburg or the central Netherlands.

49 percent of Dutch hospitals have now scaled down care.

This also involves critically plannable care: patients who must be helped within six weeks.

"I am afraid that we will still be really busy in the hospitals in the coming weeks. Because of COVID-19, but also because of disadvantaged care that must be made up."

When the need for corona care subsides, capacity will again be released for non-COVID care.

"We really need that," says Kuipers.

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Fewer corona rules for vaccinated Germans

Germans who have been fully vaccinated or cured of COVID-19 will soon no longer have to adhere to a number of strict corona measures. The parliament in Berlin is considering a bill to this effect this week, but a majority has already supported it.

Vaccinated and former corona patients are given faster - and without testing - access to shops and hairdressing salons, among other things. They also do not have to adhere to the curfew and are allowed to have more social contact.

When they return to Germany, they only have to be quarantined if they were in an area where a persistent virus variant is circulating.

The current mouth masks obligations and distance rules will continue to apply.

Some federal states are already applying parts of the new rules, which will probably officially take effect on Saturday.

More than one in twelve Germans has now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Three million inhabitants have been declared cured.

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Kuipers: 'More worries about King's Day than about Ajax's champion party'

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Oktoberfest is canceled due to corona crisis

The Oktoberfest is


for the second year in a row.

The folk festival in the German city of Munich has been canceled again due to the corona pandemic, according to Prime Minister Markus Söder of the federal state of Bavaria.

The 2021 edition was supposed to start on September 18 and end on October 3, but the local authorities have already taken the plunge.

According to Söder, this is necessary because the organization has to take on many financial obligations and the course of the pandemic is very uncertain.

The last editions of the largest beer festival in the world attracted about six million visitors.

Many guests come to southern Germany from abroad to attend the party.

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EMA investigates whether Pfizer vaccine can also be used for teenagers

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has started an


 into a possible expansion of the use of the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine is currently approved for use in individuals 16 years of age and older. The drug agency is now going to consider whether 12 to 15-year-olds can also receive the vaccine.

Pharmacists began testing the vaccine on children at the end of March. A

total of about 4,500 children took part in



The EMA says it is studying the data provided by pharmaceuticals to determine whether the vaccine also works safely and effectively in teenagers.

The outcome of this study is expected in June.

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Number of corona patients in hospitals increased again

After two days of declines, the number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals increased on Monday.

There are now 2,642 patients with COVID-19 in the hospital.

That is 42 more than on Sunday, according to figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

The number of corona patients in intensive care has increased by 21 to 825. That number has fluctuated between 800 and 850 for more than two weeks. The number of corona patients in nursing wards has increased by 21 to 1,817 in the past 24 hours.

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Moderna supplies 500 million corona vaccines to COVAX program

Pharmaceutical Moderna supplies 500 million doses of its corona vaccine to COVAX, an international program that makes vaccines available to poorer countries.

34 million doses are expected to be delivered in the last quarter of this year.

The other 466 million doses will follow in 2022.

Health organization WHO and the European Commission, among others, are working together to ensure that poor countries receive corona vaccines.

As of February, 49 million doses, mainly of the AstraZeneca corona vaccine, have been delivered to more than 100 countries.

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Hundreds of doctors and nurses wanted for the Tokyo Olympics


Tokyo Olympics

Organizing Committee is looking for two hundred licensed doctors and five hundred nurses to assist the organization during the sporting event starting July 23. That reports


news agency


The Games will continue in any case, but that is only possible thanks to strict measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The International Olympic Committee announced last week that all athletes will be tested for the virus every day during the Games. This also applies to coaches and other supervisors who are in close contact with the athletes. Spectators are not welcome yet.

The Japanese healthcare system is currently operating under high voltage due to a wave of contamination in the country.

Japan registered more than a thousand new corona patients with serious complaints on Monday.

Tokyo reported 700 new infections within 24 hours.

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Amsterdam VVD wants an explanation about the crowds at the Ajax championship party.

The Amsterdam VVD wants an explanation from mayor Femke Halsema about the many fans who had a party at the Johan Cruijff ArenA on Sunday because of the Ajax championship.

"We warmly congratulate Ajax on the 35th championship", the party writes on Twitter. "The images of a large crowd without any distance from each other are painful, however, now that we are still unfortunately dealing with corona." The VVD therefore wants to hear from the mayor why the champions party did not intervene.

After winning the league title, about twelve thousand supporters came to cheer on their football club at the stadium.

They were close together and did not adhere to the corona rules.

The municipality announced on Sunday that no action has been taken to "prevent disturbances and escalation of violence".

At one point, the triangle asked Ajax to end the spontaneous ceremony.

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1,624 fines in last-day curfew

In the last few days that the curfew was in effect, from Monday, April 26 through Wednesday, April 28 at 4:30 AM, the police imposed 1,624 fines for violating them.

In total, agents issued more than 95,000 curfew fines in the period from January 23 to Wednesday, March 28, it was announced on Thursday.

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European Commission proposes Member States to weaken travel restrictions

The European Commission (EC) today presents a proposal to lift restrictions on non-essential travel between Member States for people who are fully vaccinated and for travelers from countries where the epidemiological situation is relatively good. The requirements to be classified as a 'safe' country must then be raised, according to the Commission.

To ensure that such a freer travel regime does not lead to, for example, the rapid spread of new corona mutants, the EC provides an 'emergency brake mechanism' with which member states can quickly impose new, temporary travel restrictions for countries where the corona virus is too violent.

The EU is currently working on the introduction of a so-called corona passport, known as the digital green certificate.

The EC's proposal is related to this.

It will be discussed at a meeting of EU ambassadors sitting on the Permanent Representatives Committee on 5 May.

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Police ended 24 parties

last weekend Last weekend, the police stopped 24 illegal parties.

In addition, the officers issued a total of 321 fines last week for violating the prohibition on group formation.

The police fined 1,624 people for non-compliance last week until April 28 - curfew ends.

321 fines have been issued for violations of the prohibition on group formation.

This weekend, 24 illegal parties have ended.

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Labor migrants will be vaccinated anyway

The Ministry of Health plans to simply vaccinate the approximately 250,000 labor migrants who are not registered with a municipality.

Due to their absence from the Municipal Personal Records Database, the migrants are not included in the vaccination process.

"We are working with employers' organizations, employment agencies and the trade unions to reach them, because we really want them to receive a vaccine", a spokesman told the 



"They need to be protected. That helps all of us."

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Security Council discusses results of access

tests Tonight the Security Council will discuss, among other things, the status of access testing.

The mayors of the 25 security regions would like to know what data these tests yield.

With access tests, people are only allowed to go to, for example, an event, football match or museum with a recent negative corona test.

Corona measures are also on the agenda again.

The meeting was temporarily postponed to midday due to curfew, but now takes place in the evening.

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Number of corona infections in India is slightly down

In India, 368,147 new corona infections have been identified in the past 24 hours, the health authorities report Monday. On Sunday, there were 392,488 new patients in one day. It is the twelfth day in a row that there have been more than 300,000 corona infections in a day in the plagued country.

India now has a total of more than 19.9 million infections in a population of almost 1.4 billion inhabitants. More than sixteen million people with the virus in India had no symptoms or were cured.

According to official statistics from the Ministry of Health, 218,959 people have now died of the coronavirus in India.

As in other parts of South Asia, the death toll is still relatively low with 155 deaths per million inhabitants.

In the United States, this number is more than 11 times higher, in Brazil 12 times higher, in France about 10 times and in the Netherlands almost 6.5 times higher.

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The TONK scheme (Temporary Support Necessary Costs) is applied for much less than expected.

The scheme is intended for people who can no longer pay their fixed costs due to the corona crisis.

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The situation in Surinamese hospitals is still worrying.

With a lot of art and flying work it is possible to expand the number of beds, but there are not enough nurses, Surinamese health authorities said Sunday afternoon during a press conference.

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Large part of labor migrants not yet vaccinated

Hundreds of thousands of labor migrants who live and work in the Netherlands, but are not registered with a municipality, are not yet eligible for a vaccination against COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health will inform 




Platform for Investigative 



According to doctors and virologists, this is alarming because it is a large risk group that also poses a greater risk to others. 

At the moment, only labor migrants who are included in the regular Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) are vaccinated. A practical problem is that some 250,000 labor migrants are not registered in the BRP, according to an estimate in 2019. After four months, labor migrants have to register with the municipality in the BRP, but a large number do not and remain unregistered for a long time. in the Netherlands. This makes these people difficult for the government to find.

The ministry is considering whether it is desirable to vaccinate all labor migrants. The Health Council previously advised using the Janssen vaccine for this, because this vaccine consists of only one shot. Virologist Bert Niesters of the University Medical Center Groningen tells


that migrant workers should be offered a vaccination simply because they - registered with a municipality or not - pay for health insurance.

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