At the Cabinet meeting on the 30th, the government will spend 500 billion yen from the reserve fund for measures against the new coronavirus as expenses when prefectures support businesses in response to the third state of emergency. I decided.

In the budget for FY3 of Reiwa, the government has allocated 5 trillion yen as a reserve fund that can be used without the approval of the Diet in order to continue to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

From this reserve fund, the Cabinet meeting on the 30th decided to spend 500 billion yen.

This is the first time that the reserve fund has been used this year.

This usage is a new budget frame to support businesses in the "Temporary Grant for Regional Revitalization" aimed at supporting the finances of local governments in response to the third state of emergency. Will be provided.

Grants will be provided when prefectures support small and medium-sized enterprises whose business environment is deteriorating, or when investigating whether infection control measures are being taken appropriately.

The reserve fund for the new coronavirus was 11.5 trillion yen last year, and almost all of it was used up.

In the prospect of infection convergence does not stand, because it is a flexible support is indispensable status to companies and individuals, expenditure of the reserve fund, which is not performed sufficient deliberation in advance in the Diet, the government budget A careful explanation of how to use and its effectiveness is required.