• Dukes of Cambridge anniversary: ​​from "how hot Kate is" to war against Meghan


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

have celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by posting two new photographs taken by

Chris Floyd

on the Kensington Palace Instagram account


who has portrayed celebrities such as the Gallagher brothers, David Bowie or members of the band The Verve.

In the images, Prince William and his wife Kate

pose very smiling

and in a quite romantic attitude.

Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who during their time as 'royals' did not skimp on gestures of affection in public, the marriage

has always respected protocol

when it comes to not being too affectionate during their official acts.

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However, now they have wanted to

make an exception

on such a special date to allow themselves to be photographed shaking hands while Kate rests her head on her husband's shoulder or he looks at her spellbound.

On the other hand, the snapshots

were taken before

the true anniversary of the couple, as specified in the publication of social networks, and thanks to the watch that Prince William is wearing, it has been possible to verify that the photo session took place

at 11:39 in the morning,

when her three children - princes Jorge, Carlota and Luis - were most likely

at school or kindergarten.

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