China News Service, April 29. According to "Central News Agency" reports, on the 29th local time, 1027 new confirmed cases of new crown were added in Tokyo, Japan. After 3 months, the number of new cases in a single day was broken. Osaka Prefecture also added the same day. 1171 cases were confirmed and 44 new dead were added, and the death toll hit a single-day high.

On April 23, local time, the Japanese government’s third emergency declaration was broadcast on a big screen on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

  In view of the current situation of the epidemic, the 4 prefectures of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo will implement the third "Declaration of Emergency" from April 25 to May 11.

  According to the report, 1027 new cases were confirmed in Tokyo on the 29th. The last time a single day broke a thousand cases, it was January 28, about 3 months ago.

At present, the mutated virus in Tokyo is spreading. Epidemic prevention experts warn that there may be a rapid spread of the epidemic that is more serious than the previous wave.

  In addition, 1171 new cases were confirmed in Osaka Prefecture on the 29th, and the number of deaths in a single day was a record high of 44; a total of 80,144 cases were confirmed and 1,448 people died.

  There were 136 new cases in Kyoto Prefecture that day, and more than 100 cases for 12 consecutive days, with a total of 12,388 confirmed cases; Hyogo Prefecture added 534 cases, with a total of 31,171 cases.

  In view of the severe situation of the new crown epidemic, Shigeru Omino, chairman of the Japanese government's new crown virus countermeasures subcommittee (ie, the new crown expert group), said in an inquiry to the House of Representatives Health and Labor Committee on the 28th that the infection status of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held in the summer. The urgency of medical resources is the most important consideration, and now is the time for serious discussions about hosting the East Olympics.

  As for if the epidemic breaks out during the Olympics, will you worry about not being able to issue an "emergency declaration" due to political factors, and respond to it. By then, it will be too late to judge. The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee and other relevant organizations should now Think carefully and discuss various situations, such as the level of the epidemic and the situation of medical resources.