In the pursuit of better skin and with a growing skin care industry, there are many great influencers who give followers advice and product tips.

One of the world's largest is the American Hyram Yarbro.

His most popular tips and test videos have been viewed by over ten million people.

In Sweden, Kakan Hermansson with his beauty columns and his podcast is one of the biggest. 

- I see it as if I test and then I can tell you which products are good.

So you do not have to buy seven different serums.

One is enough, she says in SVT's Truth about skin care. 

“Sure it's angled” 

Neither Yarbro nor Hermansson have a formal education in skin care but describe themselves as people with a very great interest.

Before tipping their followers about a product, they first test it on themselves and read about other consumers' experiences in various online forums.

They also take part in information from the product manufacturer.  

- A problem in skin care is that all tests that are done must be financed by those who own the skin care brands, which means that you always ask yourself if it is biased information, says Hyram Yarbro. 

- Everything is gold and green forests according to the companies.

It is clear that everything is angled, says Kakan Hermansson. 

Tears of test result

In The Truth About Skin Care, SVT, with the help of an independent test institute, has a large number of skin care products from well-known brands examined.

Using a placebo product found out what effects popular ingredients such as retinol, niacinamide and BHA acids have on the skin.

- I'm probably positively surprised.

Glad that so much still works, says Kakan Hermansson when she gets to see the results.

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See why Kakan Hermansson sheds a tear of happiness when she sees the result in SVT's big skin care test.

Photo: SVT / The truth about skin care

Want to know more about skin care and what effects products have? See the whole Truth about skin care in SVT Play or Thursday 29 April in SVT1 at 21:00.