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A pregnant woman in the UK has given birth to a'super baby' weighing 5.9kg, and is attracting attention.


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Amber Cumberland, 21, from Oxfordshire, England, gave birth to her first daughter, Emilia on the 16th.

At birth, Emilia weighed a whopping 5.89 kg.

That's a tremendous weight compared to the average weight of a newborn baby in the United States of about 3.5 kg.

Before giving birth, Cumberland's belly was considerably larger than other pregnant women.

It was said that the doctors talked about the possibility of being twins.

As expected, the baby was born as a super baby, and the clothes prepared by the couple as well as the newborn diapers did not fit, so I had to urgently get a new one.

Emilia was recorded as the second heaviest girl born in the UK.

The highest birth weight for a girl in the UK so far is 6.35kg recorded in 2012.

Netizens responded, "It's really cute! You ate a lot of delicious food in your stomach^^" "Mom must have prayed for her baby to be healthy even though it was hard. That's amazing!"

(Screen source: Mercury press)