Election researcher Sami Borg, 56, was worth a party on Monday night as his daughter Sointu Borg, 28, won the latest season of the popular Deal program.

Chord Borg is a TV celebrity already in the third generation.

His grandfather, Professor of Political Science Olavi Borg (1935–2020), is remembered as a television commentator on television.

Olavi Borg was also a Member of Parliament for the Liberal People's Party from 1972 to 1975.

Sami Borg, a docent in political science who has continued in his father's footsteps, is also a familiar TV face.

He has also worked for many years as an expert in Yle's election broadcasts.

- It feels nice.

Yes, there was enough excitement here, Sami Borg commented on her daughter’s victory.

Borg says he watched and excited with his wife every episode, and in addition they had an upright Whatsapp group consisting mostly of relatives on the wife's side, where Soinnu's precepts have been closely followed.

- This has produced a lot of joy, excitement and palpitations both here in our home (Tampere) in Kissanmaa and with relatives.

Election researcher Sami Borg reveals that Diil has been closely monitored this family and family this spring.

On Mother's Day, there is also a celebration in honor of Soinnu, if the corona situation allows it. Photo: Timo Marttila

Borg says that he is satisfied with Soinnu's performance in the competition.

He notes that the competition tasks were very varied, and some of them he said were really challenging.

The chord’s performance in the competition has sparked much discussion on social media, and opinions about him have varied from one extreme to the other.

- Of course, now we have to remember when such a program is made, so what is seen on television when cut in it corresponds to some extent to the experiences of the participants and those present.

The fact is, however, that it offers one perspective on what happened.

Chord’s involvement in the Deal didn’t come to Borg as a news bomb, and he doesn’t remember what he was thinking about it at that very moment.

Sointu Borg has previously been seen in the 2015 reality TV show Bimbo Oy, which he starred with Alina Välimäki.

- I have to say that if I watched all the episodes from Diil, I couldn't watch that Bimbo Oy.

I obviously wasn’t on behalf of my generation’s target audience, Borg laughs.

Chord Borg’s behavior on the program sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

Father Sami Borg reminds that only one aspect of things was seen on television. Photo: Saku Tiainen / Nelonen

But this deal was entertaining, and I’ve noticed from the public debate that quite a few have liked it!

This was a little different spiritual than those Deals drawn by Hjalliksen (Harkimo), he adds.

Borg says she believed in her daughter’s chances of winning from the start.

He says that Soinnu has always been very determined and persistent in nature.

- But yes, he has been tough on it, as have other competitors.

There has not yet been time to celebrate the victory among the family.

Borg says that on Mother's Day, it is planned to celebrate Soinnu's victory among the family, if the corona situation allows it.

- Last night, of course, the victory bowls were raised!

Sointu Borg, a winner from Kajaani-based marketing entrepreneur Petri Materon, 43, has spoken openly about the prejudices and uncertainties he faced during the program.

Among other things, he said he was close to not submitting his application in full.

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- I was afraid I would be laughed at.

I was afraid that by going to the race, I would be biting a piece of cake that was way too big.

My head was filled with absolutely silly thoughts, Sointu said on his Instagram account in March.

Eventually, he decided to take the bull by the horns and push his uncertain thoughts “where the sun doesn’t shine”.

- At this point, the cheater syndrome just had to be pushed aside.

There were two options.

Gather yourself or go home crying when you have given up.

I decided that was enough.

I decided to do my best.

Sointu has a master's degree in economics and has run his own business since he was 19 years old.

In addition, she has silicone breasts and is happy to post bold pictures of herself on social media.

He said a couple of weeks ago on the WildWellnessMimmit podcast that he was accustomed to comments and prejudices about his appearance, but the character commentary and stigmatization he received with Diil hurt him.

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