Click> Time.

Twenty citizens in China joined forces to rescue all those in a car drowned in a river.


Click> The first search term is'Citizens who jumped into the river'.

A white vehicle suddenly rushes and falls into the river.

There were 3 adults and 1 child in the car.

In the moment of crisis, people around you start to gather one by one.

The body was completely overturned and the river was pushed in, making it difficult to escape.

People passing by, as well as those running from nearby factories and restaurants, yelling slogans and succeeded in turning the vehicle over.

Then, by breaking the window, we were able to safely rescue the four people who were in the car.

The driver bought a car last month and had an accident because the operation was inexperienced.

I was very grateful to the citizens who rescued me and my family.

Netizens responded, "Twenty citizens made a miracle ^^" and "I don't think there is anything we can't do if people's minds gather in any crisis.

(Screen source: thepaper)