“We will celebrate America’s Independence Anniversary (July 4) and we have defeated the virus.” With these words President Joe Biden addressed the American people, affirming that his country has made amazing progress in fighting the Corona epidemic two days before completing the first 100 days since his arrival to the White House on January 20. Second last.

Perhaps it is Biden's good fortune that his presidency began after his country's success in reaching vaccines at the end of the era of former President Donald Trump, and Biden took a number of executive decisions regarding vaccines and their distribution, and he also took economic and financial policies to deal with the consequences of the unprecedented economic crisis in the United States, with By the end of the first 100 days of his presidency, the virus’s victims reached nearly 600,000 people, and more than 32 million Americans were infected.

COVID-19 and Keeping the Promise

Despite the difficult task that President Biden faced in light of the spread and spread of the Corona virus upon his arrival to power;

He was able to fulfill his promise to give 200 million doses before the 100th day of his rule, after developing anti-virus vaccines and completing their clinical trials during the rule of former President Donald Trump.

Since coming to power, the Biden administration has appeared more organized and determined to confront the virus in scientific ways, in contrast to the chaos that characterized the Trump administration's response to the pandemic.

Unlike former President Trump, Biden committed to wearing a face mask every time he appeared, and he also urged Americans to wear face masks and adhere to health precautions, especially spacing in many cases.

He reiterated that he is listening to the opinions of scientists and specialists in the field of public health, and will not express personal opinions or preferences regarding facing the Corona virus.

Biden revealed - during his speech on confronting the Covid-19 virus on Tuesday - that more than 67% of elderly people have received a complete vaccination, while more than 80% of Americans have received a single dose of the vaccine.

The number of vaccine doses - which were used in the United States before the end of yesterday, Tuesday - reached 231 million doses, 96 million Americans received the full vaccination, while 141 million received at least one dose.

Despite the success in vaccinating millions of Americans,

The average daily injuries amounted to more than 50 thousand cases during the past week, and more than 500 people died daily, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Biden's three steps to confront the Corona virus

  • The formation of specialized and independent work teams to deal with the virus,

    as the task forces formed by Biden provide briefings to Americans on a regular basis, usually 3 times a week, in which the president does not participate, which is the opposite of what former President Trump did.

  • Release of Vaccine Distribution Plan

    Biden issued a Vaccine Distribution Plan during the post-election transition period, and prior to his inauguration as president.

    American vaccination rates are rising over time, and many states are returning to a normal lifestyle.

  • Return to the World Health Organization and the preservation of Dr. Anthony Fauci

    Biden took the step of returning to the World Health Organization in the first days of his rule, and also adhered to the famous Doctor Fauci as a medical and scientific advisor to the White House.

    Trump attacked the World Health Organization, and withdrew from it in 2020, and Trump marginalized Dr. Fauchi.

Biden kept Dr. Anthony Fauci as a medical and scientific advisor to the White House (Reuters)

Confronting the economic repercussions of Corona

Away from the health sector, Biden was able to pass a $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus package aimed at addressing the economic downturn affected by Corona, helped by the Democrats' enjoyment of a majority in the House of Representatives, and the Vice President's vote as the president of the Senate, where the two parties are equal.

The package included a combination of direct financial aid to most Americans per capita of $ 1,200, in addition to aid for state and local governments, an expanded tax subsidy for those with children, assistance for small businesses and homeowners, and expanded unemployment compensation.

Amid the widespread polarization suffered by US policy between Republicans and Democrats, Biden resorted to exploiting the process of "aligning the federal budget" to avoid imposing a delay by Republicans, and the bill was passed on a narrow partisan basis.

Biden did not stop at this legislation, as he has already begun work on the US jobs plan, a comprehensive infrastructure package that would pump $ 2 trillion into the development of the US economy over the next ten years.

A few days ago, Biden presented his public vision for another huge stimulus package, called the "American Jobs Plan," valued at more than two trillion dollars, with the aim of modernizing the US infrastructure by all possible means, from traditional roads and bridges, to high-speed Internet and the development of electric cars.

Satisfied with Biden's performance

ABC, in cooperation with the Washington Post, conducted a poll of 1,007 Americans between April 18 and April 21, about their opinion of Biden’s performance in the face of the Corona pandemic, and 64% of them expressed their approval. On the way he faced the pandemic, while 31% refused, and the remaining 3% did not respond.

Biden has focused much of his attention on the logistical challenge of distributing vaccines and overseeing their supplies.

Biden's success in achieving his goal - of giving 200 million doses far ahead of schedule - slowed the spread of infection and set the stage for a return to life as Americans knew it.

Despite this, a quarter of Americans remain in a state of hesitation about receiving vaccines, due to their doubts about the viability of vaccines and the rush to produce them, as they think.

Continuing to succeed in confronting the number one issue that preoccupies Americans - and indeed the whole world - would strengthen Biden's popularity and consolidate his position within the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Democrats may feel optimistic ahead of the battles for the 2022 congressional midterm elections, reinforced by Biden's successes in meeting the most important challenge for the vast majority of Americans.