- There is a tiredness in society now but it is also more important than ever to follow the restrictions and not go shopping in large groups but rather go by yourself, for example, says Governor Ylva Thörn and urges the public to show solidarity with healthcare staff.

Throughout the pandemic, the spread of infection in Dalarna has never been worse than now, the number of patients never higher and the number of hospitalized patients with covid -19 never more.

That was the bitter message during the press conference at the County Administrative Board of Dalarna.

Vaccinated do not behave

The vaccination has admittedly begun to have an effect, but the infection control doctor Anders Lindblom is concerned that the vaccinated behave "a little anyway", despite the fact that they can be carriers and infect others and despite the fact that those who have only received one syringe may very well become sick yourself, albeit less ill than if you have not been vaccinated.

According to Anders Lindblom, the information to the vaccinated may well have been poor and it should be reviewed.

Regional Councilor Ulf Berg said that the situation in healthcare is very strained and that the crisis agreement that forces healthcare staff to work 48 hours a week is still active, but he hopes that it can soon be lifted.

But of course it depends on how the spread of infection develops.