• A book by Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, included in welcome kits for migrant children?

    This is what the

    New York Post

    and Fox News said, before modifying their articles.

  • It all started with a photo showing the book, published in 2019, on a cot in a California center for migrant children.

  • The book was donated by a private individual, said a city official.

    Other books are visible on the other beds.

A photo from a book sparked a heated political debate in the United States.

The protagonists ?


New York Post


, the Fox News channel and, unbeknownst to him, the country's vice president, Kamala Harris.

From a photo showing a children's book written by Kamala Harris in 2019 when she was not yet elected to the White House, the tabloid explained on Friday that several copies of the book would be distributed to migrant children .

The controversy was then picked up by Fox News and elected conservatives.

The photo in question shows a copy of the book lying on a bed at a reception center for migrant children in California.

The photo was taken by Brittany Murray, a photographer working for local newspapers.

The snapshot was then distributed worldwide by several news agencies.


Other photos show that more books are waiting for the children.

That of the American vice-president is not the only one present in the center.

The book was actually donated to the center by a private individual, officials from the California city of Long Beach told the

Washington Post

and fact-checking site Snopes.

The city organized a toy drive for children temporarily accommodated in the center. "The book you are referring to is one of thousands of different books that have already been donated," detailed a spokesperson for the American media. This book was not purchased by the US Department of Health and Human Services or the city. This is a unique book that is not part of a massive donation of this specific title. "

Information confirmed by the US Department of Health and Social Services, on which the center depends: "The book in question was part of an assortment of hundreds of titles given to the Long Beach emergency reception center as part of of a book and toy drive in the city of Long Beach, the ministry told



Taxpayers 'money was not used to buy Vice President Harris' book.



New York Post

and Fox News have edited their articles and the author of the tabloid one announced her resignation on Wednesday, claiming to have been forced to write it.

His old newspaper did not respond to requests from the American media on this point.

Kamala Harris' book, illustrated by Mechal Renee Roe, looks at the people who have inspired and encouraged her throughout her life, from her family to her teachers.


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