We, the people of Suez, refuse to surrender, and we tell you if you are able to enter the city again, welcome and welcome, for the pure land of Suez is thirsty and needs to be quenched from your dirty blood again. ”Immortal words addressed by the late Egyptian Sheikh of Mujahideen, Hafiz Salama The walls of Suez, and echoed behind him by the minarets of the gallant city.

These words made the legend of Sheikh Hafez Salama, after the heroes of the popular resistance, under his leadership, turned them into reality, and they narrated the pure land of Suez with the blood of the occupation soldiers, and they succeeded in destroying 76 Israeli tanks and armored vehicles with simple resistance weapons.

And they ended the dream of the Israeli leader "Ariel Sharon", who with his division crossed the Suez Canal, and had hoped to enter the city in the last days of the October 1973 war.

Sheikh Hafez and his companions succeeded in expelling the occupation forces and saving the valiant city from its fall after everyone abandoned it, including the military leaders and the mayor of the city, who decided to announce surrender, fearing Sharon's threat to demolish the city on the heads of its people, had it not been for the refusal of the thin sheikh and his fellow resistance heroes, Who wrote their names in letters of light in the history of Egypt.

His birth and his life

Sheikh Hafez Ali Ahmed Salama was born in the city of Suez (eastern Egypt) in 1925 to a well-off family, as his father was a merchant of fabrics, and he made sure that his son enrolled in the writers of the neighborhood in which he lived, and that he would complete his education later in the schools of the city.

During nearly 100 years and through his activity in the Islamic call and resistance to the occupiers, starting from the Second World War until the October War, and supporting Palestine in the face of the Israeli occupation, and the Arab Spring revolutions, Sheikh Hafez Salama became with his white beard and red fez, which he never abandoned. , The godfather of the resistance in Egypt;

And even spread his fame in various parts of the Arab world.

In his youth, Sheikh Hafez Salama joined the "Youth of Muhammad" group, which was established by Hussein Muhammad Yusuf in 1948, through which he participated in the Egyptian struggle against the British occupation, and Hafez formed the first commando division in the city of Suez.

The mission of his main division was confined to attacking the bases of the British forces on the borders of the city, and seizing all weapons and ammunition in their hands, which were being delivered to the group's general center in Cairo, to be later provided in support of the fedayeen in Palestine.

Following the differences between Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Islamists, he dissolved the "Shabab Muhammad" group, and Sheikh Hafez was arrested among those arrested, and the sheikh remained in prison until 1967.

Thousands participated in the funeral prayer for the late Sheikh Hafiz Salama (communication sites)

After the June 1967 setback in front of Israel, Sheikh Hafez Salama established the Islamic Hidaya Association in the city of Suez, and succeeded in persuading the army leadership to organize religious awareness convoys for officers and soldiers focusing on the virtue of jihad and martyrdom and the importance of the battle with the Jews, and on the crimes of the Jews against the prophets and other meanings that It contributes to raising the morale of the Egyptian armed forces.

However, Sheikh Hafez Salama's leadership of the popular resistance operations in the city of Suez, starting on October 22, 1973, constituted the most important stop in his life, after the Israeli forces succeeded at that time in infiltrating behind the lines of the Egyptian forces to the Differswar area, and marched towards Suez, and prepared to storm the city To complete the siege of the Third Field Army, and open the road towards the Egyptian capital (Cairo).

After the city’s agencies decided to hand it over, due to its inability to withstand, as estimated by those devices, Sheikh Hafez Salameh and those with him from among the heroes of the popular resistance refused to hand over the city, and they gathered the remaining army forces, and they succeeded in saving the city from falling, despite the severe siege of Israeli forces, and constant bombing from aircraft.

Sadat's opposition

The name of the sheikh returned to prominence again in 1977, when he rejected the decision of the late President Anwar Sadat to visit Jerusalem, and the subsequent Camp David agreement the following year, then the peace treaty with Israel in 1979, and his opposition to Sadat’s policies continued, making him one of the figures who She was arrested in September 1981, and remained in prison for several weeks, where he was released after the assassination of Sadat the following month.

It is worth noting that Sheikh Hafez Salameh’s generosity did not stop at his role in the October War, as he continued on other levels. Ramses, and al-Nur in Abbasiya in the heart of the Egyptian capital (Cairo)

Sheikh Hafez Salama has also established, through the same association, a large number of schools, shelters, care centers for the handicapped, vocational rehabilitation centers, and crafts education for boys and girls.

In 1984, Sheikh Hafez Salama called for a popular march to demand the application of Islamic law, and a large number of Egyptians who gathered in the Al-Nour Mosque in Abbasiya responded to his call, and a delegation of them delivered the application for the application of Islamic law to the presidency at the time.

Participation in the January revolution

Sheikh Hafez Salama did not fail to participate in the revolution of January 25, 2011, and joined the demands for the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square, and issued a statement calling on the Egyptian army to intervene immediately to save Egypt.

The man also participated in leading and organizing the popular defense groups against the looting and looting that spread in the city of Suez in the wake of the security vacuum created by the absence of the Egyptian police after the Friday of Anger on the fourth day of the January revolution.

In the following year, Sheikh Hafez Salama participated in the Friday march in Abbasiya in May 2012, to demand retribution for the Abbasid martyrs, who were killed by the thugs without the intervention of the military police, who only watched what was happening at the time, and the sheikh was present in the Al-Nour Mosque when the sit-in was dispersed.

Support the Arab Spring

Sheikh Hafez Salama's struggle to support the Arab Spring did not stop within the Egyptian borders, as the Sheikh crossed the border between Egypt and Libya in 2011, heading to Benghazi to support the Libyan revolutionaries, carrying with him food, medical aid and medicine, accompanied by a number of volunteers to participate in the distribution of aid.

Also in 2011, the sheikh affirmed his support for the activities of the third Palestinian uprising, and in the following year he traveled to Syria across the Turkish borders to participate in the Syrian revolution, “in order to purify all Arab countries from the tyrants and those who benefit from their wealth,” accompanied by a large amount of aid to support Syrian refugees.

Majestic farewell

In a majestic scene, thousands of people from Suez governorate, today, Tuesday, the funeral of Sheikh Hafez Salama, amid a state of sadness that seemed to all the participants, who spread out on the streets and gardens adjacent to the mosque to pray on it.

The same situation dominated social networking sites in Egypt, whose pioneers expressed their deep sadness over the departure of Sheikh Hafez Salama, calling for mercy and forgiveness, and a large number of public figures, on their various orientations, lamented the late Sheikh's lament, praising his long struggle in the face of tyrants.

The moment of the funeral of the body of the Sheikh # Hafez_Salama, leader of the Popular Resistance in Suez and buried him in his last resting place, goodbye Hafez Salama 🕊️🤍 pic.twitter.com/IbAdjhwaDV

Suez |

SUEZ (@ suez_egypt2020) April 27, 2021

May God have mercy on the Mujahid Sheikh Hafez Salama, a symbol of the heroism of our people when the doors are closed and the world is injustice, and nothing remains but the people of the people with bare


and believing hearts and determination like mountains,

so they do not accept the worldly life and they do not neglect the right and do not descend from an inch of land or a drop of water or a breath of air,

pure Condolences to his family, Suez and all Egypt pic.twitter.com/PJ2CeaWIWZ

- Mohamed MAHSOOB (@MohammedMAHSOOB) April 27, 2021

He died at the age of 96, the hero of the resistance and the symbol of # Suez, the valiant city, Sheikh Hafez Salama, may God bless him with the breadth of his mercy, raise his rank and write his reward.


- Dr.

Mohamed Al Soghair (@drassagheer) April 26, 2021

My sincere condolences for the death of the Sheikh / # Hafez_Salamah,

I ask God to have mercy on him

and to dwell in his spaciousness and raise his degrees in the highest Heaven, our parents and all the dead Muslims pic.twitter.com/EwjWLFYuKs

- Prof. Ahmed Issa Al-Maasrawi (@elmasrw) April 27, 2021

What a lot does not know about Sheikh Hafez Salama, may God have mercy on him, is that he participated in the Afghan jihad, and God honored me with the company of the honorable father. Jihad pic.twitter.com/h7VxbLbLfz

- Dr. Huhaifa Abdullah Azzam (@huthaifaabdulah) April 27, 2021

The Egyptian club mourns with sincere sadness and sorrow, Sheikh Hafez Salama, one of the symbols of the popular resistance in the city of Suez during the glorious October War, who passed away shortly ago.


- Al-Masry SC (@AlMasrySC) April 26, 2021

Egypt lost a great man, he is Sheikh Hafez Salama, the leader of the popular resistance in Suez during the days of the destruction of attrition, and the man who led resistance professionals, workers, craftsmen and youth to break the Suez siege at the time of the deflector gap in the 1973 war.

This great man remained a symbol of the people's role with the army in steadfastness. And Al-Nadeh and victory.


- Ammar Ali Hassan (@ammaralihassan) April 26, 2021

The heart is to grieve, the eye is to tear, and we are for the separation of the Mujahid Sheikh # Hafez_Salameh_Salameh ..

The good man, the leader of the popular resistance


died in Suez.

He died after a long life of eagerness to call to God and strive for His cause.

We ask God to have mercy on him and to dwell in his spacious gardens pic.twitter.com/6opSRQJLcj

Hatem Al-Hawaini

Hatem Al-Howainy (@Hatem_alhowainy) April 26, 2021

I belong to God and to Him we return to the survival of God,

Sheikh Hafiz Salama, the

hero and leader of the popular resistance in the valiant city of Suez. I

ask God Almighty to forgive and have mercy on him.

Haitham Al Hariri (@HaithamElhariri) Engineer April 26, 2021

The death of Sheikh Hafez Salama, leader of the Popular Resistance and hero of the October War, affected by Corona. He led popular battalions to defend the city of Suez after its military commander decided to hand it over to the Zionists and its governor raised the White Flag. He defeated Sharon in a historic battle. God

- Jamal Sultan (@ GamalSultan1) April 27, 2021

The death of the Egyptian resistance leader, Sheikh Hafez Salama, the leader of the popular resistance in Suez, during the War of Attrition, and in the battle of the steadfastness of the valiant city against the occupation during the October 1973 War.

He lived as a supporter of Palestine, victorious of its right to freedom and supporting its resistance with weapons.

Photo from his visit to Gaza in December 2012. pic.twitter.com/f3maK9abiw

- Ramy Abdu |

Ramy Abdo (@RamAbdu) April 27, 2021

We offer condolences to Egypt and Suez to Sheikh Al-Mujahid, the hero of the national resistance, Sheikh

Hafez Salama, one of the nation's few knights pic.twitter.com/ksjYdDNl8D

- magdy hemdan (famously Jamal Hamdan) (@magdy_mousaa) April 27, 2021

We belong to God and to Him we return to the

death of Hafez Salama, the hero of the popular resistance in Suez at the age of 96, for God have mercy on him, and bring him into heaven with the prophets, the righteous, the martyrs, and the righteous. Amen pic.twitter.com/vYFTmoHewu

- Hamid Al-Ali (@Hamed_Alali) April 26, 2021